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Fitz & Olivia’s first “One Minute” moment!

Moment: This is a flashback scene to when a unhappily married Governor Grant has a campaign meeting trying to figure how to win the POTUS election! Olivia Pope comes out of nowhere telling him that why he’s losing in polls is because he looks like he’s not in love with his wife Mellie and Fitz realizes he is in trouble there and then! He knew then and he knows now that he fell helplessly in love with Olivia Pope on first sight. Knowing this, Fitz runs to Cyrus demanding that he fires her. Olivia overhears this and decides to walk out on the campaign. Fitz runs out to Olivia after Cyrus bascially tells him that they desperately need Olivia’s flawless services! So Olivia & Fitz share a brief moment in the hallway where he tells her to stay on board as his campaign fixer. His reason why she should stay is the start of their irresistible, #TakeOffYourClothes, #JustSayMyName #Hi…Hi,#OneMinute relationship!

Quote: ”I would be lucky to have you.”

When?  Season 1 Episode 6: The Trail

Thoughts: I’m going to say this one though out loud for all who have felt this way but THIS is their first one minute moment. In that one minute that they share in the hallway, Olivia and Fitz’s feelings for one another is truly realized.

Anyone else caught the way Olivia looked down as she emphasize the word “eat?”  First Fitz is a T&A man now Olivia is a …. girl!

Do you see the way they are staring into each other’s eyes??? Hot molted up, you-can’t-bottle-it-up passion, Gladiators! 

I have to give a standing o to Shonda Rhimes for giving a One Minute moment before it was fully understood and appreciated!  

It’s quite fun to see how little moments goes in full circles!

1. Kerry tells Huck she needs one minute when she comes back to Pope & Associates offices!

2. Kerry tells Stephen she needs two minutes when she discovers Amanda Tanner’s pregnant with Fitz’s baby.

3. Fitz tells Olivia he needs one minute with just her outside of their powerful positions in that lone hallway on the campaign trail!

4. Fitz wants one minute before he returns to the White House.

Shonda’s obsessed with minutes - and I love it!

Relive this hot Olivia & Fitz moment on Youtube!

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