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What Scandal Extreme Would Bring Olivia & Fitz Back in Season 2?

Tony Goldwyn in a new interview said that Gladiators can anticipate more Olivia and Fitz in season 2 of Scandal because the audience has invested a lot in the relationship.(above image via gloriouscaps)


Tony, thank you for recognizing what the audience want! Even the writers wrote more scenes for him and Kerry based upon their on screen chemistry!

And I quote the man:

We are not done with Fitz and Olivia.” As the actor shared with me, “I have a feeling that the audience is really invested in that relationship, and it’s a great counterpoint to the procedural aspects of the show. Plus it’d be very dissatisfying to go, ‘Oh, OK, that’s not going to work out, so let’s move on.’ No, there’s another round at least for Olivia and Fitz.” Even though the former agreed to steer clear of the latter? “Knowing how Shonda made such bold moves in Season 1, I’m sure she’s got big moves for Season 2,” Goldwyn smiled. “There will be something extreme that throws them back together. That’s my prediction.” (x)

Thoughts: So what scandal will bring Olivia and Fitz back together in season 2?

My predictions for Shonda’s big moves:

1.) Mellie’s pregnancy! (This is a predictable move!) After all Olivia was the one that secure the exclusive interview for Mellie & Fitz to announce that they were the ones on the tape!

2.) Who is Quinn (My gut tells me that Quinn is connected to someone in the White House!)

3.) Cyrus! The discovery that Cyrus was the one that had Amanda Tanner killed. (The media will eat this up if this gets leaked to them. Who else to call but Olivia to iron out everything?)

4.) Billy Chambers. (I don’t think we heard the last one of him. Imagine if he was in fact murdered. Juicy scandal for the media to last for days.)

5.) Amanda Tanner’s dad. (This man is grieving and angry! I think he’ll sue Billy Chambers! We don’t know if Amanda told her dad the truth so her dad may try to avenge his daughter’s death by seeking justice. This will be epic! This will be huge!)

6.) Re-Election. Fitz’s first term is up so he’ll need Olivia to get him that second term that he clearly doesn’t want. (He was willing to give up everything for her in season 1. But now that he sees that she gave him back to Mellie, he might pull through a re-election.)

7.) Stephen Finch. (Henry Ian Cusick not returning back for season 2 may be a great story arc for Olivia Pope & Associates. Would it be enough to throw Olivia and Fitz back together?)

I’m eager to hear your thoughts on what do you think it will take for Olivia and Fitz be throw back together!


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