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Scandal Moments presents 7 Prada Handbags Olivia Pope MUST Wear in Scandal Season 2

It’s no secret that Olivia Pope is a loyal supporter of the fashion brand - Prada.

Um the Gladiator Wears Prada, anymore?

But I digress!

Lyn Paolo recently outfitted Olivia with a new Prada bag ready for the chief gladiator in a suit! From Lyn Paolo’s interview with Rainy Day Diva:

 She only carries two purses throughout the show.  They are both by Prada and beautiful. Olivia wouldn’t be fussy enough to change her purse with every outfit.

So it’s safe to say that Olivia needs a handbag that takes her easily from field work to office to late night meetings to lunch meetings without having to fuss over if it matches with her outfit.

Here’s the loyal Prada handbag Kerry’s Olivia wore in Scandal Season 1

Kerry Washington as the fierce Olivia Pope in episode 5 of Scandal - Crash and Burn.
Love the power suit!

The ever fashionably fierce Olivia Pope marching out of the White House wearing a white Valentino jacket and a black Prada bag. #FashionistaGladiator #GladiatorInHeels

Here are my picks for Prada handbags Olivia Pope must wear in Scandal ABC Season 2.

1.  Prada Pyramid Frame Bag SHOP! 2. Prada D-Ring Glace Leather Hobo SHOP! 3. Prada Saffiano Lux North-To-South Tote Bag SHOP! 4. Prada Saffiano Medium Tote SHOP! 5.  Prada Side-Pocket Hobo SHOP! 6. Grained Calf Leather Tote SHOP 7. Prada Saffiano Leather Tote SHOP!

My favorite dream Prada for Olivia Pope to wear in season 2 is this…

Prada - Scamosciato Hobo
but I will love what ever bag Lyn Paolo has in mind for Olivia!

Shop Olivia Pope’s Scandal ABC Season 2 Dream Prada Handbags right now!


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