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Quinn & Huck Scandal Season 2 Spoiler

Spoiler Chat reveals a juicy Quinn & Huck spoiler for Scandal season 2

Cassidy: OMG, Scandal was insane last night! What’s next for Quinn?
More bonding with Huck! “I think Quinn feels very close to Huck, especially because he came all the way to California to get her and is the one who says, ‘Eight people died, and come home now,” Katie Lowes explains. “That’s the only home and family she has now, all the misfits of Olivia Pope & Associates." Of course, Huck was behind Quinn’s abduction and new identity. "She has no idea that Huck is involved; that’s going to be a big kicker,” Guillermo Diaz teases. (x)

Didn’t I just say that I enjoyed Quinn & Huck moments? I’m glad there’s going to be more of it this season!

Can you just imagine that shock Quinn will feel when she discovers that Huck IS the mystery man that turned her from Lindsay Dwyer to Quinn Perkins?! EPIC!


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