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Reasons Why Mellie Grant is Threatened By Olivia Pope

Gladiators I had to do a breakdown on why I feel Mellie Grant is threatened by Olivia Pope. Shout-out to all the Gladiators who I tweeted with this morning on why OP »> all others!


1. She’s not Amanda Tanner. Gullible. Do as Trained to Do so. (Billy says go sleep with the POTUS. AT’s all like okay whatever you say boo!) Olivia’s not about that life. In fact didn’t Olivia look absolutely shock when Mellie laid down this line…

Did you see how OP flipped the switch by episode’s end while staying ALIVE? Two can play that game, Mellie. Oh yes Olivia can play with fire without getting burn. Amanda and Quinnsday’s exes take notes!

Damn it Gideon! I’m still mad! And forever SMH at Billy!

But I digress!

2. Olivia Pope is her own person. She has a life and a solid career with HUGE connections. Mellie even gave Olivia her due props. Didn’t Mellie say at one point — If you got a problem get Olivia on it. 

Exhibit A: Amanda tanner (WH intern)

Exhibit B: Olivia Pope, CEO of OPA - top DC crisis management firm (fixing folks’ lives one case sometimes several cases at a time)

Exhibit C: Mellie Grant, esq, FLOTUS

Get your life, MG!

3. Olivia is so good at what she does that she struts when it’s all said and done. Olivia fixes things so well. She shuts things down like a flawless pro she is. “It’s handled.” “Because whatever happens we do not give up. It is my name on that door. And I do NOT give up.” I mean who else would rock a white trench coat to clean up a murder scene.

4. This woman has a emotional and physical hold on her husband that she tries so hard to break. “You see her again, I’ll blow you away.”

What happens instead? #FitzWhispers #TreeGate

5. Olivia is the physical embodiment of probably how Mellie was once was when she and Fitz hook up. What happened? Mellie’s endgame blinded her out of being the doable wife.

Exhibit A: Mellie’s lame attempt at being there for Fitz. I mean seriously. You got yourself tea. Where’s HIS coffee?

But I digress!

She gave up her law career, produced two kids for him when she saw Fitz could actually go from Governor of California to POTUS, Leader of the Free World. And this is what terrifies Mellie the most. She can’t get Fitz to open to her like he does to Olivia. “I know you miss her but must you take it out on me?” “But you have to forgive me, Fitz.”

And what does Mellie get in return when she tries to bully (oops I mean talk to Fitz) - the patented NFGAAYKM (No F’s given and are you kidding me) glare!


6. Olivia does not lose. “Because whatever happens. There’s always another move.” She held her head way up high breezing through a sea of reporters with Abby and Harrison by her side for her latest case - Lindsay Dwyer. She wore a impeccable blush pink Ferragamo coat while doing so too. Flawless!


She even dishes out life lessons to her clients.

7. Trophy wife? Olivia is not. I’ll let Fitz break it down further - “You’re ornamental not functional.” 

What’s the difference between Pastor Drake’s mistress and Olivia? Olivia WILL be apart of Fitz’s legacy because she 1.) didn’t see him as a come up 2.) managed to be her own person during their relationship 3.) she’s there on the job. 4.) she pushes him to be a better man/person. (I side-eyeing you Pastor Drake’s mistress who felt just because you love him, had a baby by him means equal footing with his wife. Side-eye of LIFE! Ornamental for real!)

7.5 (oh yes I went there like DWTS with their half-points so boo!) Olivia’s loyalty never changes. Who else shares deodorant with their crew? Go ahead I’ll wait.

Where are your ride or die friends MG?

8. No amount of shading internal and external can break Olivia away from Fitz.

In fact it has the opposite effect.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

But I digress!

Bottom line: Shonda Rhimes is getting me to re-think my anti-adultery stance just because of this ship. I’m against adultery 100% in real-life because cheating is cheating but this ship I mean I just…

Don’t take this tumblr post as an attack on the flawless being that is Mellie Grant because Mellie is not ornamental as Fitz claims she is. If anything she’s far removed from that. She’s smart. She’s a tough cookie. She’s dealt with some BS (coughs Amanda Tanner! Mellie was THISCLOSE (throwback to Musiq’s tendency of not leaving a gap between words. No shade intended!) to leaving Fitz when shit hit the fan. She was not about that life. She tried it. In fact Mellie’s on that…




But I digress!

Going back to Amanda Tanner, I mean really Fitz? the flesh is really THAT weak my dear isn’t it? But I digress) but it all doesn’t mean a damn thing because she’s on the sideline watching her husband fall helplessly in love with a woman she feels threatened by and that Gladiators is what is TRULY eating away at her.

All I do know that come Emmy’s next year Scandal had BETTER scoop up some awards like best outstanding overall performances by a lead actor, actress, best outstanding drama series, best supporting actor/actress,  (you fill in the blank).

On that note, remember to place your vote for team Scandal to get a TV Guide mag cover! VOTE!

Sound off Gladiators!

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