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Olivia Pope & Her OTP - Her Cell Phone (Beltway Unbuckled Analysis)

Gladiators I may be alone in thinking that Olivia’s addicted to her cell phone. Why?This cell phone (just like her OPA TV wall) is her viable link to her physical OTP - Fitz. Because she refuses to see nor talk to Fitz, this is her only connection to him. Notice how she shuts it off during her visits to Supreme Court Justice Verna Thornton. (She also did this move again earlier in the season. Notice how she switches off the TV by episode’s end.) Let’s examine how much this influences the way she uses it.

Her contact list is enviable. There’s no doubt about that. 

This woman has the Leader of the Free World, The White House, Cyrus, Supreme Court Justice Verna Thornton, OPA, and Mellie ALL on speed dial.

The most important contact is of course Fitz.

Because of Verna we know now why Olivia kept her cell phone either firmly in her grip or shut off - Fitz. 

Right before the break-up scene Olivia is seen feverishly checking her phone updates - emails, texts, etc PRIOR to that meeting. (Can I also say that she didn’t know she’ll be meeting with Fitz? Cyrus, yes Cyrus, was the one that called Olivia when Verna switched on her phone. Once again I MUST give a side-eye to Cyrus Beene. Olivia Pope is NOT a all you can eat err all Fitz can eat whenever he wants on his time buffet. She’s a woman with emotions. I’m not even going to give Cyrus brownie points for picking a restaurant for the Olivia and Fitz face to face meeting. I’m going to bet that either Cyrus is behind this or Fitz engineered Cyrus to do so. Olivia needs a candle lit romantic dinner but THAT was not the way it should have been done! #RantOver That in itself is another post for another time. Taking all of that of the equation if this was a Fitz move, I’ll give him E for his efforts post-Treegate. But yet a part of me was swooning at the fact it wasn’t Cyrus who came to see her but Fitz. Olitz in a restaurant like a normal couple? Fitz declaring he came because he wanted to see her?! Swoonville! But I digress.)

In my opinion, Olivia is afraid (hear me out) that if she sees the White House (re: Fitz) calling, she’ll give in and answer his call. (I say this based upon on those late night phone calls in The Other Woman - episode 202. It wasn’t until episode’s end and by Hunting Season we realized that Olivia refuses to answer his calls.) Olivia also knows if her phone is off all bets is off and the sound accusations will get answered with the classic line - “My phone was switched off.”

I also have a theory of white being that Olivia Pope’s in her the fixer mode. She gets things handled no matter how cold and calculated it is. Her cell phone’s white. She’s wearing white in that Oltiz break up scene.

Bottom Line: Olivia and her OTP - her cell phone was inseparable last night! Damn Abby and her cock-blocking ways! LOL! 

Sound off Gladiators!!

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