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What Will Olivia Pope Do Now?

Knowing what you know now about Defiance what do you think Olivia Pope will do next? She’s a fixer. This is her forte. This is where Olivia Pope truly shines fixing scandalous events. Everything that could go wrong went wrong in seconds. Everything that follows after is a complete PR nightmare. Spoiler under the cut. (West Coast Gladiators are still watching the show now. East Coast Coasters enjoy.)

^That is the biggest Scandal to rock the Grant administration. Amanda Tanner slain WH intern and election rigging claims  all be damned!

Is Tony Goldwyn leaving Scandal? I’ve been asked this so often and it’s not true. Tony has a show he’s working on for AMC AND he’s also doing Scandal too. He’s a hard working actor just as every actor on the show.

But I digress!

Back to this post…

Here’s the PR nightmare rolling full speed to the White House that Olivia Pope has to swiftly manage -  James Novak writing the headline #WhoShotFitz, crazy VP Sally Langston taking over as acting POTUS and figuring out who actually shot Fitz.

Because of DC 5 there’s SEVERAL potential persons of interest.

  1. Hollis Doyle
  2. Verna Thornton
  3. Charlie (He stayed in town why?)
  4. Mellie Grant (Woman’s gut or did she know?)
  5. Billy Chambers (Is he REALLY dead?)

Will there be another spy shutdown between Huck and Charlie? Olivia never has her back against the wall without several things of getting out of it. In fact remember last season why Fitz was surprised she pull out Huck and Harrison out of her fixer portfolio?? (Consider it handled.)

Will for the first time ever OPA and WH intertwine because of this? Here’s why you tuned in faithfully to watch Scandal - Olivia Pope.

Things heading full blast at Olivia Pope

  1. Her Fitz feelings
  2. OPA office drama
  3. #WhoShotFitz
  4. Edison
  5. The DC 5 Coverup
  6. The fact she never told Fitz those three words “I Love You.”

This episode is why Olivia Pope exists. Things like this happen and Olivia Pope comes in and cleans it up beautifully. I trust Olivia Pope. She will fix this and it’ll leave us doing a happy #GladiatorCandleVigil! Alas the road to that victory is going to explosive and bumpy.

Sound Off Gladiators!

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  2. lonnii-renae answered: as much as it pains me to say this, livie cant fix this one. she is entirely to involved. we have seen her when she is off her game. its bad.
  3. frenchlytoasts answered: Mother of Moses..sorry, still processing. I see a Celebrity Deathmatch in Liv’s & Mellie’s future. #Stunned #WhoShotFitz?
  4. screengeniuz answered: I think she’ll push the despair over his INJURY, NOT DEATH, aside and help fix it. It’s on. They done shot her boo. SMH.
  5. marilynprescott answered: I think Olivia has lost her gut. It is obvious that Edison is using her as his personal fixer.
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