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Awesomely Luvvie is back with another must-read review of a new Scandal episode. That Fantasia gif was how I felt after watching Blown Away! Here’s a excerpt from her Blown Away review

Left Them for DEAD - Huck goes to sit outside the house of his favorite family but none of them are eating dinner tonight. The place is empty, it seems. Something in the milk ain’t clean so Huck enters to find every member of the family dead, from gunshots to the wound. Even the dog. And the baby. And he hears a recording of his own voice from the conversation with Harrison asking for him to set Becky up. It was her “You thought you’d have me but GOTCHA!” And Huck looks devastated.

I. WAS. MURKED. Murked. Thug tears fell from my face during this scene. WHY DID BECKY HAVE TO KILL HUCK’S SPECIAL FAMILY??? Including the baby and the dog!!! BECKY! YOU EVIL BITCH!!!

Fantasia Fights Air gif

Click on the headline to read the full review!

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