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All Roads Lead to Big Jerry (Scandal analysis)

Remember when Fitz said to Olivia –  “My every feeling is controlled by the look on your face. I can’t breathe without you. I can’t sleep without you. I wait for you, I watch for you. I exist for you. If I could escape all of this and run away with you?”

Fitz is in hard place, Gladiators.

From birth Fitz was groomed to be president. (That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it until the writers of Scandal blows it out of the water!) This analysis was sparked by a question made by Gladiator  brokebeautifulandfabulous on Big Jerry.

Olivia may have been right to say that Fitz is a legitimate president.

Put yourself in Fitz’s shoes the very thing that made you great is the one thing that makes you a prisoner by choice…and you’re doing this because you stand for the people. Remember season 1 finale’s episode title? Grant: For The People.

"I’m serving out my sentence in the crown jewel of the American prison system.” (Re-live that moment here.)

Because Fitz choose the pre-made path his parents (that’s my theory) planned for him he stumbled across literally the love of his life…and he can’t be with her.

"Just stand here for one minute. For one minute I’m not the candidate and you’re not the campaign fixer. We’re just us."  (Re-live that moment here.)

Could Fitz and Olivia have cross paths while he was Governor of California? I’m going to say no because people come to Olivia Pope (a professional fixer) on the worse days of their lives. Fitz lived a perfect life but then the minute/second he meets Olivia his whole world turned on its axis. #OneMinute

Gladiators, read more under the cut-

If Fitz hadn’t run for president as stressed upon him from birth (that’s my theory), would he and Olivia cross paths? They will of course heard of one another. It’s because of Fitz, Olivia became this HUGE, well respected professional fixer a point acknowledged by Mellie -

Like I always say, you got a problem get Olivia Pope on it.  (Re-live that moment here.)

It’s also because of Olivia, Fitz got elected. Olivia saved then Governor Grant from that scandalous Mellie Grant is having an affair scandal, didn’t she? She also trained Fitz how to fake it with his wife. Fitz is so good that Mellie even bought his act!

Olivia’s philosophy is this:


(gif: scandalgifs)

Rewind that Olivia and Fitz “break-up scene” for evidence of such. (Like these two know how to let go out of each other!)

But I digress!

Because Olivia is much of a politics TV junkie, she saw that something was amiss between Fitz and Mellie prior to becoming Fitz’s campaign fixer. She made a point of saying this to Fitz the minute she meets him.

"You and your wife are standing in the doorway three feet apart not looking at each other letting in the cold air."  (Re-live that moment here.)

This line leads back to Big Jerry.

The facade that is Fitz Thomas Grant III cracked because he met Olivia - his hope and his dream fully realized.

I believe Fitz’s father Big Jerry is the reason behind all that has happened to Fitz especially the origin of DC 5. I believe Big Jerry is like those parents who push their dreams through their children. Fitz I believe was groomed from birth to be POTUS. Check out Fitz’s bio:

Born to lead, President Fitzgerald Grant checked every box on the way to the White House. He’s got the Ivy League education, the decorated military service, the perfect wife and family and years of experience in the legislature and as the Governor of California. What he doesn’t have is the one thing he needs. The one thing we all need. Love. Olivia Pope is that thing. And Fitz can’t have her without losing everything else. When a crisis begins to brew over an alleged affair with a White House aide, Olivia and Fitz have to work together to control the damage and in the process see if theirs is a love that can be saved.

Fitz has served his country, married the perfect woman, has the perfect kids - Jerry and Karen, and he has a impressive educational background. Who wouldn’t him as president? This man’s bio screams I’m going to be YOUR president, b#tch!

Here’s my hunch - Big Jerry probably couldn’t run for office and maybe he lost when he attempted to run for office so he saw that his son had a huge chance. He groomed Fitz to be one at ANY cost. I’m basing this off that episode 2x11 table read spoiler from Oprah’s Next Chapter:. [SPOILER ALERT!]

Episode 211 Table Read Spoiler:

Olivia: You need help right now. If you really don’t want him to come right now just forget about it.

Fitz: You really do think that’ll work out?

We also know from Mellie that Fitz’s mother could put Fitz in a foul mood. I believe his parents play a HUGE role in Fitz being president. (I also believe that Grant family is probably a huge influential politician family.)

Knowing what we now know is it not too far fetched to believe that All Roads Lead to Big Jerry? Big Jerry is behind all of this?

Sound off Gladiators! 

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