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50 Things You Gotta Love About Scandal

Gladiators everywhere are experiencing full-on Scandal withdrawals and here’s 50 things you gotta love about the hit ABC prime-time series.

50. #AskScandal
From the cast tweeting live every Thursday to the amazing hashtags – #WhoShotFitz , #ComaTweet, #WhoisQuinnPerkins and #WhatTheHuck much of the excitement of the show is tweeting with viewers around the world. The fact that #Scandal trends on Twitter hours after each new episode wraps says a whole lot! (Oprah got caught up onto the show because of Twitter.) #GladiatorsROAR The cast’s interaction with the fans via the hashtag #AskScandal makes Scandal Thursday worthwhile and memorable. (Special shout-out to Josie - @outlawjoz! She’s the ultimate #Scandal hasthtag queen and here’s proof.) 


49. Scandal Thursday
Every Thursday night we get treated to a brand new episode of Scandal that rocks our world and throws out every prediction we had about what’s going to happen. We’re learn the hard way that anything truly is possible with each new episode.

48. Gladiators
Scandal fans call themselves Gladiators ever said Harrison Wright asked Quinn Perkins “You want to be a gladiator in a suit, you gotta say it.” Gladiators has made the Scandal experience worthwhile from the amazing fan fictions to the MVids to the expensive episode breakdown, podcasts, tweeting, meme, gifs, photo collages, and such.


47. Celebrity Gladiators

When Allyson Felix said at the London Olympics that she sent time catching up on Scandal in between training, Gladiators rejoice. Allyson got to be a one lucky Gladiator and visited the set. Shortly after that historical Scandal Olympics mention, Pink, Gabrielle Union, Dwayne Wade, Christian Keyes, Reagan Gomez, Candace Cameron Bure, Jenna Ushkowitz, Amber Riley, Tracie Thomas, Retta, Missy Elliott, Naomi Campbell, Roland Martin, Vampire Diaries executive producer Julie Plec, and author Jaime Reed tweeted their obsession with the show as the latest Celebrity Gladiators. The day Oprah co-signed Scandal on Next Chapter took Celebrity Gladiators to a whole other level. (FYI: Oprah’s team Olitz!)


46. Eisenhower 48 Star Flag Pin

The rare Eisenhower 48 star flag pin that was Olivia’s something special Inauguration Gift to Fitz was touching. Fitz if you watched previous episodes prior to this flashback moment never took this pin off. Once worn by President Eisenhower Olivia won the flag pin in an auction and thought to give it to Fitz on his big day. The bloody pin that dropped on the floor of the ER triggered a steady stream of flashbacks for Olivia.

45. Scandal Talk
So many great catchphrases were born out of this show that it’ll need its own countdown list.  There’s several memorable ones and here’s my favorites  “Slutty President”, “Paige is A Whore”, “Pretending I Give A Damn”, “Consider It Handled!”, “Mr. President”, “One Minute”, “We’re in This Together”, “I Hate You. I Hate You Too.” “I’m Quinn, bitch.” “I Belong to You.” “You’ll See Her Again, I’ll Blow You Away.” “I’m Your Gladiator.” Dialogue on Scandal is fast pace and using close captioning is VERY necessary!

44. Resolute Desk

This desk has heard and supported it all, hasn’t it? This desk was the scene of Olivia and Fitz’s lovemaking – their first as Fitz was sworn in as President.


43. Fitz’s Navy Shirt/ Sweatshirt

This Navy shirt has become the unofficial fandom tee shirt of choice ever since it made its first appearance in season 1. So far in season 2 Fitz’s Navy shirt has been seen three times. It’s all thanks to Fitz’s ideal preference to wear this top when he’s sleeping (-err losing sleeping dreaming about Olivia) or exercising. (FYI: Fitz has a decorated military service background. He’s definitely Grant: For the People. ) I thought it was touching to see that this shirt just like the flag pin triggered another flashback moment for Olivia in season 2.


42. Abby Whelan

Way before Harrison Wright confronted Olivia about the weird things happening at OPA, Abby was the one that called Olivia out on what was going on with her. Abby wanted to be there for Olivia several times in season 1 and especially in season 2. You can’t blame her for going with David because he had answers on Olivia, can you? Abby wanted in on what’s bothering her chief Gladiator sister friend. Abby’s loyalty to Olivia is on that over a cliff epic level. You feel for Abby when she discovered that she fell in love with a man very much like her abusive ex-husband. You’re anticipating when Abby finds out the deception Harrison did in ending Dabby. You clapped with Abby when she exclaimed “Paige is A Whore” and “Let The Slut Shaming Begin.” You love Abby even when she’s on Quinn’s case. “That’s two pumps, Lindsay.” You rooted for Abby to act upon her Stephen Finch feelings. You love her even when she’s the queen of Grey Area. Abby sees the world in a strict black and white context. You gotta love her and you gotta appreciate Darby Stanchfield to bring so much depth to Abby Whelan. Here’s amazing example of Abby being fearless and honest:

(gifs: melliegrants)

41. Olivia Pope’s gold Movado wrist watch

This gold watch from Movado has been renamed as the official Olivia Pope Movado Concerto Watch. Time is of essence in Olivia’s fast pace world and it’s a perfect style accessory for the always fabulously dressed Olivia Pope.


40. Alissa (David Rosen’s law student, witty assistant)

Alissa gave us plenty of catchphrases particularly “Bitches Be Crazy.” She always put David in his place. She even calls him Double 007 with lovely sarcasm. Alissa has to become a series regular because she adds wit and humor to the show whenever she’s partner up with David.


(gif: meangameofpoliticalchess)

39. Dabby

David Rosen and Abby Whelan – better known as Mr. and Mrs. Grey Area – got together hot and heavy and before Abby could accept David’s drawer offer their relationship was over. Abby being with the man investigating the Cytron explosion is a HUGE risk to her life. This romantic relationship lasted only FOUR episodes - Hunting Season,Beltway UnbuckledAll Roads Lead to Fitz and Spies Like Us. 

38. Mellie Grant
Love her or hate her but Bellamy Young captures the ruthless FLOTUS. Mellie’s focus on her political endgame – becoming America’s female president and securing her husband’s second term at any cost. Plus you have to admire how Mellie doesn’t take back Fitz being hostile to her. She dishes it right back. So help anyone who gets in HER way.

37. Olivia Pope Strut
Not one episode of Scandal goes by without the legendary Olivia Pope strut.

(gif: fyeahkerrywashington)

36. TreeGate
A term coined by Gladiators for the hot and heavy make out session Olivia and Fitz shared out in the woods in Hunting Season. Olivia and Fitz after Treegate hasn’t been the same since!


35. Blinking Hal
Whenever Hal is inches away from Olivia he has his patented smirk on his face. Oh yes you all saw how many times he blinked when Mellie asked Tom and Hal who put Fitz in a bad mood. #SnitchingHal


34. Official Team Olitz Ambassador – SSA Tom
Never has someone hold it down for Olitz than SSA Tom. Tom is team keeping his job and keeping his boss happy! Press play for proof!

33. Recaps
The best thing about each new Scandal episode is the hilarious, must-see recaps and insightful reviews from Lily Sparks, Scandal411, The Fixer & The President, iLuvOlitz, Favoured Child, Funky Dineva, AfterBuzz TV: Scandal, Watch Color TV, Awesomely Luvvie, Sabia Coruja, It’s Rox, Jeff Perry’s live tweets on Scandal Thursdays, and Bondy Blue. (Special shout-out to Sabia Coruja for her insightful spot-on analysis on Olitz. It’s poetic!)


32. The Title Cut

That shutter camera sound effect after the title cut rolls on is EPIC, isn’t it?


31. Cyrus Rutherford Beene and his amazing dialogues
Cyrus’ dialogues is what makes the Scandal universe go round and round. “You’re ticking, sir. Tick. Tick. Tick.” From Cyrus putting Sally in her place the night Fitz got shot to him telling Mellie that this is the White House and she had to play by its rules (re: All Roads Lead To Fitz), Cyrus is one unstoppable political monster isn’t he? Cyrus keeps up amazingly well with the Shakespearean drama that involves Fitz’s women – Olivia and Mellie with a razor tongue.


30. The Late Night Phone Calls

These two continue to prove that on-screen chemistry doesn’t need to be done in the SAME room.

 I Hate You. I Hate You Too.

We’re Good Friends.

Let Me Go.

29. Defiance County 5 (DC 5)

Hollis Doyle, Verna Thortnon, Cyrus Beene, Olivia Pope and Mellie Grant – These five individuals rigged a presidential election in Defiance County Ohio because of Fitz. Because of that they do everything in their power to prevent the public from knowing this!


28. Olivia Pope’s Style
KW’s Crew tweets every Thursday night what Olivia Pope wears on the show. Lyn Paolo (the woman behind Olivia’s amazing wardrobe) deserves several awards for shifting corporate womenswear look. You REALLY gotta love Olivia’s style!


27. Music
Music is the additional character to Scandal. It adds so much depth to the show. You know that whenever you hear the first sounds of “The Light” by The Album Leaf, a memorable Olitz moment is going to happen. Since Fitz’s Navy shirt is the unofficial Gladiator uniform then this is the official Olitz song.


26. David Rosen
From his Beautiful Mind-inspired wall of the Cytron explosion to involving James Novak (Cyrus Beene’s husband) into his investigation to his relationship with Abby Whelan, David Rosen represented clearly why DC 5 was started up. Joshua Malina owns the role of David Rosen.


25. #WhoisQuinnPerkins
Who is Quinn was the story line that rocked Scandal and it lead the way for several unexpected twists to happen in Scandal. #LindsayDwyer #ImQuinnBitch


24. Guest Stars
From Congressman Shaw of Rhode Island to Pastor Drake’s wife and mistress to Thorngate’s Artie to the Nystrom family the guest stars on Scandal added much to the show. It’s because of these characters we knew what’s going on with the main characters. #ScandalDoubleTalk


23. Fitz’s I’m Pretending To Give A Damn Look

Fitz has this look on in the presence of Mellie and Cyrus constantly but more so for Mellie.


22. Huck attending AA meetings to stop his killing people addiction.

Huck tried to end his killing people addiction – a bad habit he picked up as a CIA assassin. At the same AA meetings he meets someone – Rebecca Flynn and Huck tried to have a normal life with her for three months until her true agenda was revealed! (We side-eye you, Rebecca for doing this to Huck!)


21. We’re In This Together

No explanation needed here, Gladiators!

20. Scandal Double Talk

Because of who Fitz is and what Olivia does, these two cannot communicate with one another all the time so they use double talk (verbal and non-verbal) to get their message across. Olivia and Fitz’s true emotions are best on display when they’re talking about something else. There are far too many examples of such but one moment that stuck out in my mind was when Fitz spoke about the Nystrom dilemma.

Scandal Connection - Fitz and Olivia have a way of communicating to one another as seen in Beltway Unbuckled. Here is Fitz addressing the death of Jenny Nystrom - the Beltway Unbuckled blogger girl.

Fitz: I think I did what I had to do in the face of complicated foreign policy. Our options were limited. Did I want to do more? Did I try to do more? Of course. I hope the Nystrom family as well as the American people will not consider this a defeat, because it’s not. Despite the circumstances. Despite the insurmountable obstacles, we tried. And now it’s important to know when to move on. So that’s what we’re doing. We’re moving on. 

The beauty of Scandal writing is their signature double talk. In this scene Fitz is not only addressing the people who elected him President but he’s also talking to Olivia. He gave into what Olivia wanted, didn’t he?

19. Harrison Wright’s Big Office Talk
Harrison stepping up to the command plate at OPA truly was legendary, wasn’t it?


18. Scandal Writers
You have the writers of Scandal to thank for Scandal pace (fast talking) and for you constantly rely on the closed captioning option to listen to your favorite moments at your pace. The writers truly continues to out shock everyone with new episode. They offer plenty of “Wait, did THAT just happen” moments for sure.


17. Judy Smith
Scandal wouldn’t exist without the real life inspiration for Olivia Pope – the fantastic Judy Smith. Judy Smith is the nation’s best crisis management expert and she was the Special Assistant and Deputy Press Secretary to President George H. W. Bush. What Would Judy Do is a must-read blog that Judy does for every episode of Scandal.


16. Camp David
Uninhibited by cameras, Olivia and Fitz truly let loose without any cameras around at Camp David. No wonder whenever they get within inches of each other, it’s electric.

15. Rose Garden
This one scene blew every other Olivia and Fitz scene out of the window. What Fitz said to Olivia and how he said it to Olivia was the stuff made of good TV romantic moments.

You own me!
You control me.
I belong to you.
You think I don’t want to be a better man?
You think that I don’t want to dedicate myself to my marriage?
You don’t think I want to be honorable? To be the man you voted for?
I love you. I’m in love with you. You’re the love of my life.
My every feeling is controlled by the look on your face.
I can’t breathe without you. I can’t sleep without you.
I wait for you, I watch for you. I exist for you. If I could escape all of this and run away with you?
There’s no Sally and Thomas here. You’re nobody’s victim, Liv. I belong to you. We’re in this together.


14. Sally Langston

Sally not waiting for word or a second about Fitz’s critical condition before she got enough signatures to make her Madame President was truly scandalous! Her first order of business as Madame President? She wanted Verna Thornton’s Supreme Court seat. Sally truly is about that “I’m In It for Me” life, isn’t she?


13. Rebecca Flynn

The most telling foreshadowing about Rebecca Flynn was her business card. She was the one that shot Fitz.


12. James Novak
All James ever wanted from Cyrus was a baby but when Cyrus refused he went back to work where he used pillow talk to do a explosive exclusive on Hollis Doyle. This infuriates Cyrus and gets David Rosen’s motivated. James agrees to meet up with David and dismisses his conspiracy claims until Fitz re-tells the story of how he won Defiance County Ohio at his birthday dinner. This of course prompts James to travel to Defiance where he stumbled across the missing memory card that confirms the election rigging scandal that got Fitz elected. Juicy stuff!


11. Olivia Pope’s Jean Fares Couture Dress

The dress that Gladiators dubbed Olivia’s “Freakum Dress.” It’s such a shame Fitz never got the chance to see Olivia in this dress, isn’t it?


10. Olivia Pope’s facial expressions
Kerry Washington not only deserves several awards for her leading role on Scandal but her facial expressions simply cuts through you, doesn’t it?!


09. The Friendly Banter of the Cast Of Scandal


Scandal is a HUGE success thanks to the chemistry in the ensemble cast. Their Scandal characters may not see side eye to eye on camera but off camera the cast’s one close group! What other cast tweets with their fans even on non-Scandal Thursdays?!


(gifs:  meangameofpoliticalchess)

Check out the cast of Scandal having fun in OPA office with the crew. Scandal season 2 resumes on Thursday January 10, 2013!

08. Podcast
After each new Scandal episode executive producer Betsey Beers and the cast shares insightful tidbits on the show. Did you know that deleted content from episode 2×08 is going to be added to season 2 DVD?

07. Joshua Malina’s Entertainment Weekly Video Blogs
Joshua Malina takes Gladiators behind the scenes on the set of Scandal with witty commentary. From his fun Scandal Word Association game with the cast to the cast and crew’s theories on Who Shot Fitz, his video blogs is a must-see for every Gladiator.


06. Shonda Rhimes
All Roads Lead to Shonda for agreeing to take a meeting with Betsy Beers and Judy Smith (the real life inspiration for Olivia Pope). We have Shonda to thank for creating Scandal.


05. White House Band
Like it or not but Mellie, Cyrus and Fitz is a team at the White House. Mellie and Cyrus will do anything for Fitz…including planning a birthday celebration he doesn’t want, killing a pregnant White Intern, and faking a miscarriage.

04. Olivia Pope & Associates
You have to admit that you want to work at OPA and become friends with Huck, Abby Whelan, Harrison Wright, Olivia Pope, and Quinn Perkins. Go ahead and admit it that you’re applying to law school right now to become a Gladiator in A Suit.


03. Tony Goldwyn
There’s so many things to be said about Tony Goldwyn owning the role of President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III that’ll have you do the honors.



02. Kerry Washington
Kerry Washington simply rules as Olivia Pope. She nails this role completely.



01. Olitz (better known as Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III)
Shonda Rhimes has confirmed to Oprah that Olivia and Fitz is the central relationship of Scandal. Hate them or love them. The love between Olivia and Fitz is why the show has gain fans. The chemistry between Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn has you rooting for a happy ending between Olivia and Fitz. We can’t get enough of these two. You rooted for the President and the love of his life from the pilot episode of season 1 the moment he said “Look At Me.” Olitz is a Gladiator term (curated by Veronica aka @iLuvCandyCane & iLuvOlitz - peep the screenshot of her work below) for Olivia and Fitz. If I can pick and choose my favorite Olitz moment it will be “One Minute.”



Glad you enjoyed reading this fun list on 50 things you gotta love about Scandal. It’s a Christmas/Holiday/coping with the mid-season hiatus withdrawal gift to all my readers! What’s your favorite things that you enjoy and appreciate about Scandal?

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