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#Scandal - Mellie & Fitz’s Kids

If you’re wondering what’s up with Mellie and Fitz’s other kids - Karen and Jerry/Gerry (HOW DO YOU SPELL THIS CHILD’S NAME), TV Guide’s Ask Matt tackles that very question.


And I quote:

Question: I have loved Scandal since episode one, but I keep wondering why we’ve never seen the President’s children. (And if we have, I must have dozed off!) Has Shonda Rhimes ever mentioned this?
 — Marie

Matt Roush: It is peculiar, especially when you consider the celebrity of presidential kids like Sasha and Malia, that Fitz’s kids are basically invisible (at boarding school, which also stretches credibility). But if you’re looking for emotional realism in Scandal, good luck with that. I’ve heard Rhimes address this before, suggesting that if the children had been too prominent early on, it might make Olivia look too unsympathetic as a White House home-wrecker. Now that there’s a new baby around, it would be weird not to bring the whole first family together at least for a while. But I’m betting the kids will stay in the background, because Scandal is all about the grown-ups getting down and dirty.

The Grant Kids:

Karen and Gerry



(GIF H/T: melliegrants)


Decoding America’s baby name - Theodore Teddy Wallace Grant.  Mellie and Fitz named their baby - Theodore Teddy Wallace Grant and there’s some serious presidential swag behind that name.  Nothing is accidental with Mellie and everything’s a political move. Mellie is a political junkie as we all saw her fangirling over Fitz’s Eisenhower 48 star flagpin.  Theodore Teddy Wallace Grant.  Theodore is the name of the 26th President of the United States Theordore Roosevelt. (Did you know Theodore had an affair?)  Wallace is the name of the 33rd Vice President of the United States Henry A. Wallace. (Did you know Henry was called the worse VP?)  Look at the other Grant kids’ names. Jerry was named after Fitz and Big Jerry. (They call their first son - Jerry.) Karen is most likely the name of either one of their mothers.   What a #Scandal moment Teddy has had, right? I hope Teddy is ready for his Kimberly Mitchell TV exclusive!  Sound off Gladiators!

Trust in Shonda, Gladiators. Trust HER!

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