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New “Boom Goes the Dynamite” Sneak Preview with Olivia Pope & Will Caldwell

In the fourth sneak preview for tonight’s “Boom Goes the Dynamite” Olivia Pope meets her new client - Will Caldwell running for Governor of North Carolina.


Gay I can work with. Gay can get elected. Gay can take all the way. Give me 10 years and I will get you elected. -Olivia Pope

I’m not gay. -Will Caldwell

So we have a problem because THIS Single Celibate. No women. No men. Anywhere. No bro-ability   No testosterone  No passion. That’s fatal.  -Olivia Pope

Hold on. -Will Caldwell

When’s the last time a single man has been elected to the governor’s mansion in any state in the last 40 years? When?

People don’t like a guy they can’t place.

A Married man. A widower. A divorced dad. A gay partner. They get that.

A single guy with no sign of anyone.

No love life.

People don’t trust it and they won’t vote for it.

Not even the most liberal of your constituents  We’re in a red state so that’s 20 people to begin with. It’s uphill battle that you don’t want to fight because you won’t win. -Olivia Pope


Scandal is taking us back to the case of the week theme and I’m here for it. Olivia Pope gives the best read downs to folks.She firmly put Will in his place.

So Will running for Governor of North Carolina is not gay but Olivia Pope has a problem. She can’t help get HIM elected without a partner and this is where OPA turns into a matchmaker company for Will. LOVE it!

Did you know that Celebuzz shared this photo from this scene production a while ago….

Did you catch Ugly Betty star Eric Mabius in the scene? (He’s portraying Peter Caldwell. It looks like he’s the Will Caldwell campaign manager.)

Anyone else sees the Will and Fitz parallels going on? This is Olivia’s bread and butter. She’s not a professional crisis guru for nothing. She made Will face the truth about himself. She called him out on it. She comes in and fixes things. I can’t wait to see how this case works out tonight.

Frame by Frame Snapshots

We’ll get our answers tonight!

Sound off Gladiators!

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