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Must-read scoop on how Scandal dominates social media Thursday nights on Twitter. (H/T: @Scandal411)

Like many others around the country, I’m absolutely addicted to the television show Scandal. The ABC program featuring Kerry Washington as doe-eyed political fixer Olivia Pope has more twists and turns than any daytime soap opera (they still have those, don’t they?). That alone would make it compulsively watchable, but the team behind the show has used Twitter to drive buzz for the show in a way that is really extraordinary. The hashtags #Scandal and #AskScandal top the list of Twitter trending stories every Thursday night. Last week ABC promoted the show as the “most tweeted-about show on Thursday nights” after the February 7th show generated over 350,000 tweets.

How did Scandal get so popular and what can lessons can brands learn from this show?

Never underestimate the power of fans on social media!

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    Never force what no one gives a shit about. Move with the audience’s actual interest. That will always be where the...
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    Someone gets how to read ratings and where the fans are and markets accordingly. It’s called strategy. Brilliant...
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