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Today marks the start of a rough few weeks for the gladiators among us — “gladiators” being the term used to describe hardcore fans of Shonda Rhimes’ surprise ABC hit Scandal. Tonight will be the first of three Thursdays without a new installment before it wraps the second season with seven sure-to-be-insane episodes, starting March 21.

The lack of a new episode is doubly disappointing for many of Scandal’s viewers, who will have to find something else to talk about on Twitter tonight.

If you follow the right people on Twitter, at around 10 p.m. on Thursdays you’ll likely be overwhelmed with Scandal tweets. Some are coherent, some are just exclamations or emoji with the hashtag #scandal attached. Watching the show unfold on Twitter is a visceral experience that gets more intense each week. In January, Scandal was generating about 2,200 tweets a minute, or 132,000 an episode. And because of its viral nature, Scandal’s appeal to a wider audience has only grown — an unusual feat for a drama in the current television landscape.

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