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#Scandal episode 218 title is “Molly, You in Danger, Girl.” (It airs on Thursday April 4th.)

Any guesses on who says this to Molly? Harrison? Abby? Quinn? Olivia? Alissa? David?

My guess it’s either Abby or Alissa. Why? “Paige is A Whore” + “Bitches Be Crazy.”

According to producer Merri Howard (@merrieats), Tom Verica will direct episode 218. (Did you know that Tom directed “The Trail”, “White Hat’s Off”, “Defiance” and “Nobody Likes Babies?”)

There’s also going to be amazing Dabby, Cyrus Beene, and HuckleberryQuinn scenes too! So you can already predict that it’s going to be another HOT new episode of Scandal! (FYI: Photo set is the cast filming 218.) H/T: @Scandal411 for the spoiler scoop on 218’s title.

All new Scandal returns on Thursday March 21st.

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    #Scandal episode 218 title is “Molly, You in Danger, Girl.” (It airs on Thursday April 4th.) Any guesses on who says...
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    ^^^^^^^^^^The only thing in life that is really worth waiting for
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    Yeah, but do we get an Olitz scene?
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    I LOVE the title! Whoopi probably said that to her.
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    WHAT???!! Is that really the title of the episode??! I LOVE IT! I just wish it was the episode that Tony was directing...