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“Scandal” fans, rejoice! After a month long hiatus, the popular ABC drama starring Kerry Washington returns with new episodes starting tonight at 10. The show follows Olivia Pope (Washington) and her crisis management team, whose clients are D.C.’s biggest power players trying to avoid — that’s right — scandal.  

To mark “Scandal’s” return, here are three reasons to tune in to the buzz-worthy series, including the show’s connection to the Hudson Valley.

1. “Scandal’s” dark love triangle. Lots of series feature love triangles, but how many include the president of the United States? When Olivia isn’t busy protecting high-powered politicians, she’s entwined in a steamy affair with the married President Fitzgerald Grant, a fictional character played by Tony Goldwyn.

Despite the pair’s explosive chemistry, their relationship hit the skids earlier this season. In response, Fitz asked his friend Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) to keep tabs on his former girlfriend, including planting cameras in her house — very creepy. The problem? Jake has fallen for Olivia, and she’s falling for him, too. There doesn’t seem to be a happy ending in sight for all involved, but it’s sure to make for juicy drama.

2. “Scandal” on social media. If you enjoy watching “Scandal” and are fans of the show’s cast, you can get their real-time reactions to the episode. Cast members such as Washington (@kerrywashington), Goldwyn (@tonygoldwyn) and Joshua Malina (@joshmalina) have been known to respond to fans’ questions via the #AskScandal hashtag during the show. Which leads us to … 

3. “Scandal’s” connection to the Hudson Valley.  Malina, who plays beleaguered former district attorney David Rosen, was raised in New Rochelle. Another cast member with local ties is Vassar College alumnus Dan Bucatinsky, who plays James Novak, the husband of scheming Cyrus Beene, President Grant’s chief of staff. Both Malina and Bucatinsky announced via Twitter that they won’t be in tonight’s episode, but Malina joked that he plans “live tweet scathing critiques of [his] colleague’s work.” 

Are you excited for “Scandal’s” return? Let us know in the comments, and make sure to vote in our poll if you prefer to see Olivia reunite with Fitz or have a new romance with Jake.

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