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This Friday marks the one year anniversary of Scandal. To kick off that special moment for Gladiators EVERYWHERE I’m going to talk about my top 4 Scandal Moments from the Shonda Rhimes-written pilot episode, Sweet Baby.

Favorite Scandal Moment – Team OFC

The interaction between Cyrus Beene, Fitzgerald Grant, and Olivia Pope motivated the Gladiator term - Team OFC. With the band together, things get DONE!

Look at where we FIRST see OFC together – Camp David. We all know how much Camp David means to Olitz, don’t we?


(GIF H/T:  relocatedtomelliegrants)

We all know how Fitz loves the outdoors and how rarely Cyrus spends time outdoors, don’t we?

kw-ralph-lauren-sweater-208-fashionTeam OFC’s dilemma at the time was the Amanda Tanner scandal. (Life was much simpler back then, wasn’t it?) Cyrus called in Olivia - Fitz’s former Chief Communications Advisor who has gone to start up OPA - handle the situation.


Present time it’s Defiance that cause a rift with OFC. Their big dilemma is that Fitz doesn’t trust CYRUS and OLIVIA.


Although, the band is not together in the literal sense, Olivia and Cyrus has CONTINUE to get things DONE in the name of President Grant.

Look at the things Olivia and Cyrus has done for Fitz. Look at how Cyrus smeared Sarah Stanner because she was a threat to Fitz’s SCOTUS nominee pick.



Look at Olivia passing along intel on the hostage situation to Jake Ballard.


Cyrus and Olivia may be a work couple but they need Fitz. Fitz is their work partner in every sense of the word. Fitz is Cyrus’ best friend. Cyrus is loyal to Fitz each and every time! Fitz calls Cyrus his bulldog. Olivia is the love of his life. Why else would he stop when he catches Cyrus quoting her? “How is she?” Actually Olivia has asked the same question too..


Fitz has asked it to Jake Ballard…


(Olitz gifs: kronosinasuit)

There’s also that AMAZING Cyrus and Olivia dynamic. We learn that Cyrus was her mentor. We also learn that it was Cyrus that bought in Olivia to help save Fitz’s POTUS campaign run on the trail. These two simply unwind after battling DC politics with their now traditional popcorn and wine moments.


So it’s quite easy to see why OFC is on my top 4 Scandal moments from the pilot episode, isn’t it? When OFC get back together, it’s going to be quite the celebration!


So what’s in it for you, Gladiators? We can’t have an anniversary celebration without some gifts, can we? I’m giving away FIVE copies of the TV Guide Magazine. Stay tuned for details THIS Friday! 


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