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Coming up on Scandal - THREE WEEKS???


There are NO words for tonight’s episode. NONE! In fact I lost count how many times I tweeted OMFG! “Pretending is what’s real?” LAWD HELP ME!!! Ruined, Gladiators. I’m ruined!

Gladiators I’m ruined! I’m not here for how “HI” has ruined me. How can one word convey so much meaning? HOW? Hi says “I watch for you.” Hi says “We’re in this together.” HI says “you’re the love of my life.”

Is pretending better than the truth? It’s truly amazing to see how Defiance has effected our favorite Scandal couples - Olivia & Fitz, Cyrus and James, David and Abby.

Scandal Couple Therapy - James wished Cyrus had lied because the truth blew him away. “You lie for a living.” The many James and Cyrus scenes were AMAZING! David wished Abby could admit she stole the memory card. Look at how frantic Abby got at the idea of David being in danger once OPA figured out that Osbourne wasn’t the mole? That’s love! It’s written all her face.

Olitz Double Talk - Fitz hasn’t given up on Olivia. Look at all the double talk Fitz AND Olivia had on tonight. “Don’t give up on him.” “It’s ridiculous and petty and insulting.” “If I let that moment slip by, it’ll haunt you for the rest of your life.” They are talking about each other but NOT to each other! Then the Olitz music rolled on? #RUINED LAWD!

Grant GAP  - Look at all the room between Fitz and Mellie? No love! NONE! Their marriage was arranged because Big Jerry was always BIG on breeding. Big Jerry loved that Mellie came from Old Money and she was a breeder. Big Jerry got what he paid for. LAWD ALL THAT WAS REVEALED HERE!!! “Marriage is almost all pretend.” Has Mellie ever been in love? Look at what Mellie said. What in the twisted what??? Their marriage was dead from the jump!

"Nothing." - Stop lying Fitz. Stop lying Olivia. When they both said this, I said it’s not nothing it’s something. When Olivia said she got nothing. When Mellie asked Fitz what’s wrong and he said nothing. It’s not nothing. It’s love.

Quinn really blew me away with all that she did. Figuring out that something’s wrong with Huck. Charlie intentionally did this and he’s going to pay when Huck gets back to some normal. Look at how Defiance has changed Quinn from season 1 to now. Look at that significant change. Look at how being a gladiator in a suit has changed Quinn as a person and a Gladiators. INTENSE!

Jake is not hiding all he knows on Olivia. Wake up Liv. The man revealed too much and you said “How did you know I don’t use my kitchen.” Jake knew his gig was going to get got so he planted the masked man in Olivia’s apartment.

Jake The Hero - Sighs!

"You need to get the hell away from me."

"Who are you? Why are you spying on me?"

"To protect you?" "To protect me from what?"

Albatross and the mole - It just got real!

Molly got GOT and PLAYED! LAWD!

HUCK! Damn it! Just damn it! Shonda warned us that we’ll learn more about Huck. Look at Huck in the corner!!! I wasn’t ready for this!

Admit it - David to Abby: I can’t let myself love someone I can’t trust. James to Cyrus: “I wish you lied.” Fitz to Cyrus: “I killed Verna Thornton.”

Fitz: “Will she forgive me if she knew?” This is what is eating up Fitz in the worse way. It’s not Olivia saying yes to Defiance - okay maybe it’s partial that but it’s that not knowing if she’ll forgive him if she knew he killed Verna. So that is why there was SO much emotion expressed in “Hi” Hi says “Will you forgive if you knew that I killed Verna?” Hi says will you still love me knowing what I did? Just look at his face as he said “Hi.” LOOK AT HIS FACE!

Olivia said hi back.

It haunt you for the rest of your life. Fitz knew the moment he meet Olivia life as he knew it was over. That moment continues to haunt him every day, every second, every minute. It’s that type of love that literally blew him away. It’s that type of love that explained all he said to her in the Rose Garden. It’s that type of love that explains all their one minute moments.

Coming up on Scandal -

"I Love You." - Fitz

"You had me followed. That’s not love." - Olivia
"We all do terrible things."

Charlie’s apart of the Albatross/Mole situation. It all makes sense right? The pieces are all starting to make sense now! Baseball cap bandit!

Mellie’s a woman scorned? She signed up for this life because she was in awe being attached to the Big Jerry family. Nothing more. Nothing less. Big Jerry may have gotten what he paid for but Mellie wants MORE of that political bang with her POTUS ambition. After all, who turns down that type of a deal, right? Political arranged marriage.

Life as you know it is over. It’s been over since Thursday April 5, 2012!

FOUR MORE LEFT! There’s four more episodes left! FOUR!

Scandal returns on April 25th with episode 219, “Seven Fifty-Two.”

That’s all I got to say about this episode! #RUINED! Sound off Gladiators!

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