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Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn are featured in the new TV Guide Fan Favorite issue and the article focus on the Tony Goldwyn-directed episode, A Woman Scorned. Major spoilers ahead for #Scandal220…

Fans can’t get enough of this hyper-addictive drama’s web of political intrigue and illicit romance. And tonight’s not-to-be missed episode, directed by leading man Tony Goldwyn, promises plenty of both. “It’s pretty intense,” says Goldwyn, who plays President Fitzgerald Grant, a man crazy in love with crisis manager Olivia Pope (Fan Favorite actress Kerry Washington), though he’s still married to fearsome First Lady Mellie (Bellamy Young). “And it rocks your socks.”

That’s because the Liv-Fitz-Mellie mess takes center stage, with POTUS making a major decision that will have consequences not only for the trio but also for the entire nation, “Really big stuff goes down at the White House,” Goldwyn teases. “And a big aspect that is the ticking bomb that is Mellie.” The First Lady, says executive producer Betsy Beers, is a strong, ambitious woman who had political aspirations of her own: “She gave up a lot to be with the man she loves. And, in a weird way, all she’s gotten in return is disappointment and rejection. So you shouldn’t underestimate her.”

Or, for that matter, series creator Shonda Rhimes. “Where we end this episode,” says Washington of the closing moments’ shocking twits, “I was like, “This isn’t the season finale? Because this feels like a season finale!”

Which can only mean that the actual finale on May 16, will dial the crazy up to 11. “Our goal was to explode all expectations,” Rhimes says. “You’re gonna spend a lot of time gasping for air.” Gladiators, you’ve been warned!

Love that they used a photo from the Scandal TV Guide cover shoot! Shout-out to Gladiator manytitlesofme for the scans!

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