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#Scandal “Seven Fifty-Two” Analysis

#Scandal “Seven Fifty-Two” Analysis - “All roads lead back to Olivia Pope.”


Seven Fifty Two left me with a better understanding of Olivia the person and Huck before he became the Huck we all grew to love. I now get why Olivia continuously pushes Fitz away. I get why Huck was a bit hesitant to explore a relationship with Becky. I get the meaning Harrison said grassy knoll that Harrison was preaching to Quinn and Abby earlier in the season.

Olivia and Huck are on the dark side of the moon. Huck we know has had a turmulous past - foster home and no family. Guillermo Diaz did such a great, amazing job carrying all the emotions of flashback Huck. I cried at how frantic he was when Kim tried to walk away from him when she told him she’s pregnant. I mirrored that same shell shock facial expression Olivia had when Fitz said, “That’s not love, that’s control.”

I enjoyed each OPA Gladiator confessional to Huck and how it gave us much insight on what they’re thinking. (I did however wanted more on Harrison!) 

I enjoyed every line Fitz said to Olivia. (Love is telling it as is, isn’t it?) I can’t even get into how I felt when The Light played on during their scene. (Hold me!) I have never, ever laughed so hard at the doctor who was fangirling over Fitz. You can tell Fitz has much more LOVE in the Scandal world.

7:52 am will never, ever be the same.

I enjoyed the running theme of how not only Olitz is the central focus of the show but all roads lead back to Olivia. I loved how Olivia and Huck mirrored one another. 

I find it REALLY telling that Olivia in the opening scene was at the train station ALONE. This is Olivia pre-Fitz, after Edison and pre-the great Olivia Pope. (Then again Olivia is not the type to have friends. Quinn, Harrison, and Abby do NOT count as friends. She thinks of them as her co-workers, her Gladiators, NOT BFFs. She even said something like that to Huck. They’re different from her and Huck.)

Back to the train station, I also love that she’s not wearing her signature Olivia Pope Armor – the white Jacket and her Movado watch in the flashback too.

I laughed, smiled, blushed and cried for all the amazing Huck flashbacks. Charlie still gets a side-eye for me – regardless of him saving Huck and Huck’s family. 

My mind was literally blown away by the fact that Jake’s boss was Huck’s boss at B613 - Joe Morton. B613 and Albatross connection, eh? There truly is no way out of that association, is there? I find that with each episode we are no where closer to figuring out who is the mole.

I get the feeling from Cyrus who said in the #Scandal220 promo, “What if I had a way of getting rid of Olivia Pope” as a ticking bomb waiting to explode. He’s going to use the proof that Charlie could unearth about Olivia’s connection to Jake to burst Fitz’s high…and I think Fitz is not going to cave. Cyrus may try to use this intel to “control” the Mellie situation…to his personal means.

Fitz is more sure of what he wants and he has tunnel vision on as his full attention is on Olivia Pope. And that is chaos for his administration. Handled well and it’s all good but not, oh boy!

Hats off to the camera angles, clothes, and music which added much effect to this episode. 

Seven Fifty Two left me with the following questions:

  • Who is the mole…and do you care?
  • I care more about the back-story on each OPA member AND when Fitz, Cyrus and Olivia will find out about Jake Ballard than who the mole is – am I right?
  • Now that Harrison knows about Olitz, now what?
  • Fitz knows what he wants. Fitz tells Olivia that she wants HER!What will Olivia Pope do NOW?
  • Mellie’s out for blood! She’s truly a Woman Scorned! Mellie’s giving Fitz 36 hours. I’m calling her bluff. Am I right?
  • How many miles per hour did Cyrus Beene speed down the tunnels there going back and forth between Mellie and Fitz?
  • Cyrus is on Operation Take Down Olivia Pope. I’m going to assume that he’s going to use that Olivia/Jake relationship to ‘control’ the situation. Right or wrong?
  • Will OPA learn the REAL truth about Jake?
  • Will Huck get Charlie?
  • Huck’s wife Kim and son need to return back to Scandal and I hope Huck will dig to find out about them. Are you interested in their return?
  • Olivia Pope is going to be the one to fix this WHOLE thing once again just like she did last season and I’m here for all of it. Are you ?

 Stay tuned for more recap fun on this episode….

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