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Tony Goldwyn was honored by the Innocence Project tonight! 

The Innocence Project will host its seventh-annual benefit, “A Celebration of Freedom and Justice,” at the Grand Hyatt New York on April 30. The program, which features more than a dozen exonerees, kicks off with special remarks by Whoopie Goldberg and includes a performance by Broadway star Norm Lewis.
The evening will feature tributes to this year’s honorees: Tony Goldwyn, actor, director, and producer, who is currently starring in the ABC series Scandal and directed Conviction; Jack Taylor, Managing Director and Global Head of Prudential Real Estate Investors and founding member of the Innocence Project Board of Directors; and Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP, which has generously supported the organization’s policy reform agenda.

Shout-out to Gladiators Sabia, Josie, and Shawana for the photos

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