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#Scandal220 Recap - “A Woman Scorned”

Gladiators there are NO words for what transpired on tonight’s new episode of #Scandal. NONE! I have thoughts and questions.

The last 21 minutes of tonight’s episode had me going like this consistently….


First all yes to Fitz earning Olivia…on the sofa, up against the wall, in the shower, in bed, against her bookshelf, and everywhere in her apartment!

  • Second off is David NOW apart of OPA? I need answers on this. Look at David gladiating!
  • Cyrus the fixer for the Fitz, Mellie, Olivia thing was quite entertaining.
  • Didn’t you feel for James practically shaking with joy over his big break? Wasn’t it funny and sad that Cyrus again wasn’t really listening to James? (Cyrus wouldn’t have to run through the tunnels like he did.)
  • Team Abbison was still strong in face of Dabby. Loved that!
  • Did you laugh at what Olivia said to OPA: “I will stand here all day if I have to?”
  • Shut the front door Huck just NOW told Olivia that Charlie killed Amanda Tanner? 
  • Did you go AWW Huck when he said he wants Olivia alive because the last person to sleep with Fitz ended up died?
  • So Charlie can have a girlfriend and Huck can’t have a family? Get him Huck!
  • You know it’s love when Olivia has her hair soaking wet getting it in with Fitz. Am I lying?
  • All it took was 21 minutes for Olivia to know Fitz means business? He called her bluff and not Mellie’s bluff. He waited it out to call her bluff and it worked. (Olitz and minutes is truly amazing, is it not? 20 Minutes on the campaign trail when Jerry was needed. 1 minute. I love all of Olitz’s favorite minutes.)
  • Anyone find it quite troubling that Charlie and Jake were watching Olake ‘sex’ tape?
  • Anyone noticed how the Oval Office was fully lit once Mellie wasn’t there? Roll back that DVR!!!
  • Huck can identify folks by ear? Hats off Huck!
  • I want OPA treats. Admit it you want a OPA cupcake too! (Love how this is a nod to Olivia bringing treats to the White House. Morris loved it! Remember?)
  • Speaking of OPA, they know about Olitz? Love how they all walked out on David when Mellie said that Fitz has been unfaithful to her on national TV.
  • James just got that Pulitzer he wanted thanks to Mellie’s tell-all. He’s Scandal’s Anderson Cooper. Love his suit and tie! 
  • Did anyone tear up a bit when Cyrus’ voice broke when James told him that their marriage is alright? Cyrus loves James. Sweet moment!
  • Love Olitz’s shower scene. Love how much light Olitz was in. There was no shades. No hiding. It was all out in the open. It wasn’t dark. Compare that to Fitz and Mellie’s shower scene? Message, right?
  • "We are NEVER going to be over." Fitz is determined about what he wants. (Re: Olivia Pope.) "Forgive me. I love you." "You want me? EARN ME!" 
  • Did anyone think Cyrus should have used a golf cart while going through the tunnel to see Mellie??  (The man’s going to have a heart attack!)
  • Olivia Pope just left my husband’s office. I want what I ask for. Nothing more, nothing less!” Mellie thought it was Olivia but it was actually Fitz. Underestimated him, right? He’s changed as Mellie said. He saw the Light: Olivia Pope. I still call Mellie’s bluff!
  • Mary is like Cyrus’s mother. “You gotta through worse.” She’s to Cyrus as Alissa was to David. I want Alissa back. Don’t you? I also want more Mary scenes!
  • What if I can get rid of Olivia Pope. So Cyrus was going to use Olake sex tape footage to ‘fix’ the Mellie situation but Jake sort of saved the day on that angle. Yeah I called his bluff on this too and Jake didn’t take it either.
  • Anyone else caught how Olivia was sort of hiding her figure this episode? Maybe I’m reading too much into this too? She wore loose fitting clothes.
  • I loved Quinn understands Huck’s compute intel language! #HuckleberryQuinn was on it. 
  • Cyrus and Jake verbal smack down scene was hilarious, wasn’t it? There was shade upon shade!
  • So Jake’s next target is Charlie…and it looks like Charlie’s also Huck’s target too. I got money on Huck, you’re in?
  • Olivia rarely does her wine sit down with just ANYONE so was it hard to see her do so with Jake???
  • Cyrus will never be disloyal to Fitz. This is something Jake fails to understand that it also applies to Olivia too.
  • I love how Olivia backed away from him when he told her that he thinks she’s amazing and that he watched her on the tapes day in and day out. That’s not love, Jake. That’s obsession of the worse kind!
  • I love that Olivia didn’t tell Jake a thing even when he said “How deep are you in with the President” and especially when he called her the “President’s girl.”
  • I’ll get into more from this amazing episode later on as I’m still trying to wrap my head around this episode. There was far too many parallels happening here that it’ll get a separate post to analyze! 
  • "Any Questions", next week’s episode title is like the ultimate mic drop, is it not?
  • Which Olitz #Hi do you love? All? Tonight’s? 

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