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Gladiators here’s another sneak preview from tomorrow night’s “Any Questions” featuring Olitz at Olivia’s apartment. (Olitz’s in bliss before they get ready to tackle the Scandal world.) All new Scandal returns tomorrow night!

Olivia to Fitz: I’m very good at what I do. And I’m better at it than anybody else. That’s not arrogance  That’s fact. I’m definitely better than your boys at the White House. You need me if you’re going to survive this. 

Fitz: Maybe. But you’re not fixing or handling me anymore, Livvie. If we’re going to survive this…If you and I are going to make it together, you have to stand down.

Olivia: But-

Fitz: Stand down. And wait for me to do this on my own. You are not in charge of everything. 

It’s becoming rapidly clear with each new sneak preview as to why this episode is called Any Questions.*


  • The parallels here can tell a story. (Him putting on his tie. Her putting on his tie from The Trail. Her putting on her shoes. Him putting on her shoes in Treegate. I bet that’s not the first time all of this happened!) Peep what Olivia said. I’m good at what I do is taking me back to their moment in the hallway from The Trail after Fitz tells Cyrus to fire her. Remember how she broke it down to Fitz that she’s good, really good at what she does? Yup that moment echoes what she said here in the present.
  • Olivia to Fitz: I’m very good at what I do. And I’m better at it than anybody else. That’s not arrogance  That’s fact. I’m definitely better than your boys at the White House. You need me if you’re going to survive this. 



  • Tell me I’m lying about this parallel?! Love the Scandal writers for going back to that moment! (GIF H/T: scandalouscastles
  • Is this Olitz in the near future? Foreshadowing??? (Look at them getting ready to rule the Scandal world.) Better yet I get the feeling that Olitz has done this getting ready in the morning act before from the campaign trail to Camp David to all their moments between. I also want to point out how significant 20 minutes now means. Remember their all nighter writing his State of the Union Address? They had only 20 minutes together when Big Jerry and Mellie were around. Compare that to their all nighter at Olivia’s apartment. This explains #ElevatorGate. He was reaching out to his anchor. This explains all of that passionate kiss in her apartment on her couch from A Woman Scorned. This explains “Hi.” This echoes all that they said in the Rose Garden. I can’t breathe without you. I watch for you. You own me. You control me. I can’t sleep without you.
  • Content. Look at Olitz in pure bliss. They’re content. They’re happy. They’re not stressed. I’m here for all of it. 
  • That look on Olivia’s face as Fitz gets into her personal space, though? (I know, Olivia. I know.)
  • Admit it you caught that look on her face.
  • How Fitz reads her like no other. He knew by one look on her face right?
  • Fitz wanting to handle this on his own. (This is him telling her I got this.) 
  • I love how Olivia is going in Olivia Pope mode and Fitz tells her to stand down that it’s his problem.
  • I love how her hair is post-Olitz bliss. 
  • Am I the only one overjoyed that they’re being so domestic? This is like husband and wife in the morning. 
  • He’s a man that wants to handle it and protect Olivia. (I’m here for all of this!)
  • Fitz: No. You don’t do anything. This is my problem. I made a decision…and I’m going to deal with it.
  • That What? What? back and forth between them was cute!
  • Clothes are so symbolic. Olivia doesn’t have on her signature Olivia Pope Gladiator Armor on. Hats off to Lyn Paolo for this.
  • Power. These two are SO used to being in charge. Look at them “fighting” over who’s going to handle the situation. HILARIOUS!
  • So this puts much perspective into the smile Olivia gave Harrison when he asked her “What’s her endgame.” She’s smiling because Fitz is her endgame and he’s handling it.
  • Final Observations:  The following is true about Fitz right now…

*Fitz is on that “Any Questions” MIC Drop life! Ain’t NO stopping him now!



  • and lastly Hold me.

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