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Any Questions

Tonight’s episode left me with plenty of questions. It’s SO appropriate that tonight’s episode was called Any Questions and I loved that it ended with Fitz saying the same thing too! Let’s get into all that I could recall from tonight’s episode…

  • Olivia questioned Fitz on why he didn’t sign off on the re-election papers. She wanted him to face his fears of turning into Big Jerry. She let him know that he should run again because Defiance took it away from him. This is I watch for you personified. Olivia knows Fitz. “We stole your chance. Run and win.” I did this to you. I’ll blame myself everyday.if you don’t run and one day so will you.” TELL IT OLIVIA! Look at his face as she said that. Also that a marriage proposal was Fitz being sure of what he wants - Olivia Pope.
  • Cyrus questioned James on his journalism ability. Cyrus telling him he’s not built for this industry if he couldn’t see that Mellie was using him to get to Cyrus and Fitz. It hurt. I cried for James but it’s the truth. James needs to see things coming at him a mile a minute. James got caught up in the new job/new suit/TV time romance that he didn’t see he was being used. Poor James!
  • Mellie didn’t give up on Olivia’s name because she thinks she knows Fitz but look at the questions the fixer fired at her. He saw straight through her act. She played the perfect political wife with the perfect husband and kids. Look at what the fixer said to Mellie: Naming her is the nuclear option.
  • Let’s talk nuclear options. Olivia gave Harrison two folders to open when the shit hits the fan. (I love how this is a nod to the folders Verna presented to Sally.) Look at Olivia’s happy face after. Look at Harrison throwing a damn chair out of frustration. Mellie not giving up Olivia’s name to me said it all. She knows Fitz will make it rain!!! Naming her will make him hate you. #BAM
  • Also anyone caught how Mellie worn RED. That’s very telling. She went from green with envy to fire engine red. She’s angry that she’s NOT getting what she wanted. Hats off to Lyn Paolo for this!
  • Quinn questioned Huck on whether he’s a gladiator or he wants to seek revenge on Charlie for destroying/ruining his life. He picked Gladiator.
  • Did Harrison asking Olivia what’s her endgame got you going TELL IT Harrison!
  • David was working with Billy Chambers from the start. Do you think that he’s a man scorned that Olivia Pope literally took off HIS White Hat???
  • What in the world is the Republic? It’s the Republic that Cyrus once mentioned to Olivia. Did your mind get completely blown away that B613 bascially run the Scandal universe. They call the shots. They dictate what happens….and they think Olitz cannot happen but peep what Olivia told Cyrus. The park that they meet up at was a zoo. Change can happen!
  • So Billy Chambers isn’t dead. So Billy cut a deal with Charlie - the same Charlie that Cyrus threw out like trash because Rowan was onto him? WOW and WOW!
  • So Billy is Albatross. So Billy now has the Cytron memory card that backs up Defiance. So David is the one working with Billy? What in the everlasting WHAT?! Both men are scorned and hell hath no fury like men completely pressed! Billy’s pressed that his Sally didn’t become POTUS! David’s pressed that Olivia snatch off his White Hat. Two GROWN men pressed because they lost to Olivia Pope???? HILARIOUS!
  • What’s up with Jake watching his sex tape with Olivia? I need answers!
  • Was Cyrus laughing the best thing ever?
  • Was Fitz laughing the better than Cyrus laughing? Even better was Olivia laughing the best thing ever?
  • OPA has taught me that gladiator/loyalty above ALL!
  • My world, my rules is my new motto!
  • So help David Rosen when OPA figured out he’s connected to the mole. Abby’s going to get him followed by OPA taking turns!
  • Also “What are you wearing?” and “Are you having second thoughts?” “Never.” Tell me you didn’t go like this when Fitz said that to Olivia:

The parallels in this episode is worth mentioning too but I’ll get into that at a later time! And that’s all I can recall off the top of my head about Scandal. And now it’s onto the decoding. Was there ANY QUESTION that Olitz is the heart and soul of Scandal? I’ll wait.

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