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Lingering Questions on “Any Questions”


  • Is it safe to connect the mole with Thorngate? I mean how else does Rowan know stuff that even Jake Ballard doesn’t know??? 
  • How soon will Cyrus use that Jake & Olivia sex tape to reel in Fitz…and will it work?
  • We’re getting married is not even a marriage proposal. It’s going to happen…are you ready for it?
  • Any Questions produce a lot of great catchphrases. What’s your favorite? Stand down? My world, my rules? What’s your endgame? Revenge or gladiator?
  • Olivia Pope needs to move out of her apartment, hire a better security detail or go unlisted in the phone book/yellow page! Fact?
  • So how did Billy and David meet?
  • What REALLY cause Harrison to flip over that chair at OPA?
  • Olivia sees Harrison - Brolivia Pope- Wright as the gladiator who’ll lead once things gets crazy…and it’s going to be wild ride, right?
  • Do you think James at one point will turn against Cyrus?
  • So Cyrus mentioning Teddy got me hoping for a playdate with Ella. Who’s in?
  • Was Mellie’s fixer trying to put the moves on her? Am I reaching here?
  • Do you buy Jake Ballard telling Olivia he’s not a bad buy?
  • How deep is this Republic stuff? How does Rowan and Cyrus know one another?
  • I love how much David Rosen tries to fit in with OPA and they STILL give him shade at each turn. So David was laughing in OPA’s face ALL this time and he thinks he got the last laugh? SMH!
  • There’s something about Harrison right? Right?
  • No one does phone chats like Olitz. Right?
  • Rowan’s mission is to get Fitz and Olivia separate….but why and why?
  • Are you ready for Baby Huck - Quinn Perkins?
  • Are you ready for Brolivia Pope handling the OPA fort?
  • So whenever Olitz got something to handle, SSA Tom has Olitz’s back. SSA Tom is team keeping his boss happy. Happy boss happy life, right?

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