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"White Hat’s Back On" Sneak Previews + #ScandalTakeOver Buzz

Scandal’s next episode, “White Hat’s Back On” airs on Thursday May 16th at 10/9C.

OLIVIA AND HER TEAM FIND THEMSELVES IN DANGER, ON THE SEASON FINALE OF ABC’S “SCANDAL” “White Hat’s Back On” – With the identity of the mole now closer than ever, Olivia and her team are in very real danger. Meanwhile, the latest White House scandal pushes Cyrus to his limits, on the Season Finale of “Scandal.” “White Hat’s Back On” was written by Shonda Rhimes and directed by Tom Verica.


  • Monday May 13th - Kerry Washington will appear on Ellen DeGeneres!
  • Tuesday May 14th - Kerry Washington will appear on the Wendy Williams Show.
  • Tuesday May 14th - The cast of Scandal will appear on Good Morning America to talk Scandal secrets!
  • Tuesday May 14th - Judy Smith joins the cast on “The View.”
  • Tuesday May 14th - ABC Upfronts. (Scandal season 3 official announcement party!)
  • Thursday May 16th - “White Hat’s Back On.” (Scandal’s season 2 finale) airs at 10 PM!
  • Friday May 17th - National #ScandalHangover Day. (Life as we know it stood still as we absorb the finale in with insightful analysis, gifs, and graphics.)
  • May 24 - 27 -  Annual Gladiator Nationwide meet up in NYC (Tweet @OutLawJoz & visit for complete details.) 
  • Monday May 20th - Tony Goldwyn’s birthday! 

Check out ALL of the sneak previews for “White Hat’s Back On”  so far in ONE spot…

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