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To put it in a succinct way, to answer the question: yes, it is. And it’s not bias, it’s RIGHT attitude toward writing (the soap opera writing) that isn’t and will never be at the same level as actually compelling, consistent, soap-opera-stunt-free writing.

Scandal is probably too soapy to be considered emmy worthy? But so were Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and  Brothers and Sisters (My personal favorite) and they all broke through. It might take a few seasons but it’ll probably come around. If they can take the writing back to season one and first half season two writing it can happen. Just a matter of throwing cold water on suds.

amen to awl of THISS^^. If Hayden can get a golden globe nomination for Nashville why can’t Kerry? I’ll wait…

Already making excuses as to why they will be snubbed. I will be royally pissed off. If Scandal is a soap then all of the prime time shows are fucking soaps.

Well said! 

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    The actors are fantastic and deserve some Emmy nominations just as the actors of Grey’s Anatomy are.
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    Let’s face it. If it isn’t a cop, lawyer, crime investigator, doctor show, it’s not making the cut. Also look at the...
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    Great post, right? Then look who it ends with…
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    Regardless these people are snobs so I never thing these things too deeply. Is politics and who kisses the most ass....
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    Exactly! And that’s exactly why she deserves zero Emmys. The show’s writing deserves NONE. And please let’s not even...
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    The thing I hate about this is that Scandal didn’t have to join in the soap opera world. The setting and premise for...
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    ‘Scandal’ probably faces a different problem, which may be even more difficult to overcome: the Emmys’ bias against soap...
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    I’m so dead. Crip walking down the alter!
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    Can’t say I’m surprised by the lack of recognition by academy -bullshit politics- Because Scandal is the hottest show on...
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    IA. Scandal sometimes verges on OTT.
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    I love Homeland but S2 wasn’t as good as S1.
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    To be fair, Emmys take itself way more seriously than GGs, who seem to pride itself on awarding the next popular new...
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    Well said!
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