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    LOL aww, am still excited am afraid, i do not fault Shonda;s writing at all, i cannot say i liked how season 2 ended but...
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    If the scripts shock that actors what’s going to happen to us
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    Hmmm, I was shocked by Olivia having sex with Jake (I expected it from the writers but not from Olivia, if that makes...
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    I’ll be shocked if we actually get a well constructed story arc and character consistency. That will be SHOCKING and a...
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    Even though I saw it coming, was still shocked by Olitz breaking up yet again in 222. Shocked because it was so...
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    Shocked by what? I’m more tired of being underwhelmed. Being hyped up for an entire week only to be let down afterwards...
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    PRECISELY. The focus on twists and shock value has left them with innumerable plot holes, and inexplicable character and...
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    I wish someone would respond and ask how they know that it’s not just another trick from SR (and @ SR).
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    And considering it’s coming from BY, seriously. Also, shock value does nothing. It’s compelling writing that does...
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    Yeah, they really would be well served to dial it back a bit.
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    So stop watching the show.
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    The bolded!^^^^
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    Same stuff was said for previous eps… just sayin
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    Oh my lovies, I wish I could believe you, but I’ve been disappointed one too many times with the “shock” value. The days...