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Best Drama SeriesScandal

After its tightly constructed, perfectly paced, seven-episode first season, Scandal had an uphill battle to stretch its pulse-pounding intrigue over 22 episodes in season 2. But even with that tripling in size, Shonda Rhimes’ D.C. drama grew stronger week after week, both in performance and intrigue. Like her cool-headed, crisply dressed heroine Olivia Pope (Emmy nominee Kerry Washington), the powerhouse showrunner delivered every time, as if to say, ”It’s handled.” —Lanford Beard

Best Actor, Drama Tony Goldwyn, Scandal

If you really think about it, President Fitzgerald Grant was a pretty unlikable guy this season. Weak in the face of his domineering wife Mellie (Bellamy Young), all too willing to tear down the love of his life Olivia (Kerry Washington) with words moments after she’d given herself over to him, and embarrassingly susceptible to the manipulative maneuvers of his power-hungry Chief of Staff Cyrus (Jeff Perry). And yet, like Fitz drowning his sorrows in fine Scotch, we didn’t want to think about it. Goldwyn and his compelling charisma made that bitter burn go down just a little too smoothly. (Which is why we’re making the executive decision to put him in the lead actor race, even though he technically submitted as supporting. Sir, you’re playing THE PRESIDENT.) —Lanford Beard

Perry’s Cyrus — a gay Republican White House Chief of Staff so fiercely righteous about his boss that he committed election fraud and murder — is a walking contradiction. He’s unlikable, and yet when he agonized over putting out a hit on his husband, we didn’t feel anger, but instead empathy. Are we bad — or is Perry just that good? We’re going with the latter. —Nuzhat Naoreen



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