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Gladiators check out the new official Scandal Season 3 Cast Photo c/o!

Analysis: Anyone else caught the one word headlines surrounding the cast?  “Mistress!” “Hero!” “Liar!” “Criminal!” (Is this a hint of what is to come this season? It’s all too easy to point the headlines towards Olivia Pope but it’s fun to figure out which gladiator’s the ‘hero’, ‘criminal’, ‘liar’ and ‘mistress’, isn’t it?)

The patented Olivia Pope Stance is front and center. Olivia Pope may not be in the center but that stance demands attention.

Speaking of stance, Olivia and Fitz has a mirrored stance going on there. Hand on hip! Interesting, right?

The cast’s fashion swag is incredible and all thanks to Lyn Paolo who has a great eye for Gladiator style.

I enjoyed the fact that David Rosen, Cyrus Beene and Olivia Pope all have a newspaper/magazine in their hands. David Rosen could care LESS about the photo moment. 

The Ladies of Scandal shut it down.  Brolivia Pope shut it down with his swag. Harrison’s into Gladiator mode there with his cell phone in his hand. Love the socks, tie, and shirt on Harrison! Look at Fitz….just look at him.

Gotta love that Huck and Harrison are sitting on a stack of newspaper!

Olivia is also evaluated before the others in her heels. I love that. She’s ready to gladiate!

Love the color schemes with Quinn and her blue cardigan. Don’t let that blue sweater fool you. Quinn’s Baby Huck now and even Huck’s taken aback by it! Mellie in head to toe purple. Abby rocking it in all black. Love the new Abby Whelan look! Fitz in a blue collar shirt…sighs! Love the sharp ties Huck, Cyrus, David and Fitz has on. (Huck’s too cool for a tie…and he’s too cool to dress up. It’s a Huck thing and I like IT!)

Huck, Mellie, Cyrus and Fitz are all positioned towards Olivia Pope. It’s quite interesting that Olivia Pope is the one furthest away from the group. #ItsOliviaPopesWorldAndWeAllJustLiveInIt

Get ready Gladiators! Get. Ready! #TheStormIsComing – Thursday October 3rd, 10/9c.

Until then…Sound Off Gladiators!

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