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Scandal Series 2 Channel 4 Promo - Olivia Pope 

Hats off to Lyn Paolo and Kerry Washington for bringing consistent style to Olivia Pope. For the Channel 4 series 2 promo, I did a standing ovation for the simple fact that the promo embraced all aspects of why Olivia Pope continues to be great.

  • Olivia Pope Strut - No one struts better than Miss Pope! That is what kicked off this promo! This is a woman sure of where she’s going. She’s focused! 
  • Her Clients -  As she struts towards her destination, she absorbs all of what (re: scandalous things) her clients are doing. (Notice how all the doors are open too!) 
  • Game Face - Not only does she has her classic Olivia Pope game face on as she addresses the media waiting for her outside the door but she has it on as she struts toward the hallway!
  • Mr. President - The ultimate #micdrop! (I love that the promo saved her biggest client for last. I also love that “Mr. President” is the only thing she says in the promo. Also must I also stress that the central relationship of the show is in the promo! #BAM)

And lastly my favorite part of the promo is what she wore! 

  • Olivia Pope Fashion Spotlight - She’s wearing a Gucci buckle belt coat which she first wore in “The Trail” and she later on wore in “Beltway Unbuckled.” Glad to see this jacket back for this promo! Its her Gladiator Armor which she readily wears to gladiate! I also love that she’s not wearing her Olivia Pope White! She completed her look with her signature suede Gucci platform pumps and Prada tote



I keep thinking about Olivia’s “I hate you” in the preview for Episode 219, and comparing it to this moment from Episode 204.  Back then, for me, the conversation wasn’t about whether Olivia really hated Fitz.  It was about her frustration with their situation, which perhaps appeared to be increasingly impossible, in her opinion.  I took her weeping, and inability to respond to his question, as signs that as ever, in spite of their difficulties, the one thing that is never truly in question is their love. That is still incredible to me.

Anyways, I imagine that, since this moment, both Fitz and Liv have spent a lot of time thinking over decisions made, their paths in life, and how Olitz fits into everything.  And Episode 219 finds them in a much different place than they’ve ever been.  In particular, this is after his recovery, after Defiance, and after she promised to wait for him.  So, with all that said: I think, on some level, Fitz may have always been curious about what Olivia’s silence really meant then.  She never answered his question, and, in response only asked ”where do we go from here”.  Perhaps, he thought that her silence was about her struggle over how much she loved him, and how her heart knew there was no way she could ever be “let go”.  But, in the time that’s passed, could it also be possible that Olivia didn’t respond initially because voicing anything would mean admitting her own uncertainty in her response?

I just can’t help but wonder and be saddened at the thought of how much of Fitz hears Olivia, recalls this question that we saw in Episode 204, and thinks, maybe for a brief, scared instant, that he’s finally gotten his answer. 


Brilliant.  Nothing to add.



You must really hate me for falling in love with you.”

—Fitz 2x04

“I hate you.”

“I know.”

—Fitz and Olivia 2x19

Lawd, these two need couples therapy. lol

And the “I hate you” on the phone in 2x02. These two are the king and queen of double-speak.

Miltonn Song once again you are on IT! This is a beautiful Olitz parallel!



This Olitz scene though? Look at Fitz’s face. Look at Olivia’s face. The VERY idea that she’s hurt makes him hurt. That hug though? That hand on the cheek though? That “Hi” though? That look though? This is “I watch for you. My whole life is you. I exist for you. My every feeling is controlled by the look on your face” manifested.

Y’all, was I the only one screaming in my house at the first sign of a black suit? It was just like the dinner scene in Hunting Season, when it got all quiet and the black suits rolled in. I hooting and hollering, so much so that I totally ignored ole Joke trying to cover his ass. All I knew, was that Fitz was coming for his Baby.

You weren’t the only one screaming. I was screaming too! Yes it definitely took it back to that moment in the restaurant from Beltway Unbuckled! He knew he had to see her. It also reminded me of when he came to her apartment. Is this the third time he came to her? Correct me if I’m mistaken. The first was last season at her apartment. The second was at the restaurant. And the third time was when she was at the hospital. (Does #DeskGate count?)

The many facial expressions Olivia Pope & Fitz had during their break-up scene from Beltway Unbuckled.

These Two!

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