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Katie Lowes and Adam Shapiro attended Elle Magazine And J Brand’s Intimate Dinner In LA, last night.

At the event, Katie posed with Elle Magazine Creative Director Joe Zee as well as actresses  Ali Larter and Mena Suvari. (Love what Katie wore, #WERK!) 

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Scandal actress Katie Lowes and Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza used to share a wall in adjoining townhouses in Los Angeles. This tidbit became strangely relevant last evening at an intimate dinner party hosted by J Brand and ELLE on the rooftop garden of L.A.’s Petit Ermitage. In the spirit of the event, we posed the question “What’s the secret to a great dinner party?” Both Lowes and Plaza separately mentioned Lowes’ impressive fêtes.

"I was her neighbor and our walls were so close," Plaza said of Lowes during cocktails. "So any time she had a dinner party, I would hear and I would just invite myself over."

Lowes explained how she made her soirees so desirable to crash. “The secret to a good dinner party is company, good drinks and ambient lighting,” she said. “My husband and I are social butterfly-type people, and we have a lot of friends in our lives from our sleep-away camp [friends] to our family friends to [members of] our theater company here in L.A. and my Scandal cast mates.” 

It turns out she’s not kidding about the all the joint gatherings of the Scandal cast. Every other Sunday, the actors assemble at Jeff Perry’s house to watch the new episodes ahead of time. “They’re supposed to be two-hour hangs but we’re always there for like five hours, and it’s a always pot luck,” Lowes revealed. “So everyone brings a dish of some sort and some booze, and we’re there all night. The girls have dinners or teas—Bellamy [Young], Darby [Stanchfield], Kerry [Washington] and I will get together. We’re all very close.”


Kerry Washington had a phenomenal photo shoot yesterday with Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele and Patrick DeMarchelier. This shoot is bound to be another major newsstand moment for the Emmy-nominated actress. #OverACliff

(The Scandal star has appeared on the covers of Glamour, Elle, Vanity Fair, Flare, Arise, The Hollywood Reporter - just to name a few. It’s on-wards and upwards for Kerry. It’s her time to shine!) Per sabiacoruja, it could possibly be for Lucky magazine. And here’s the glam squad for the shoot via sabiacoruja:


@kerrywashington -  Phenomenal shoot day with @carlynecerfdedudzeele #patrickdemarchelier @fulviafarolfi @takishahair I am BLESSED to be able to work with such talented artists.


Kerry Washington’s Major 2013 Newsstand Moments so far! #WashingtonForTheWin

  • Top Row:  Glamour, October 2013 /// FLARE, October 2013
  • Second Row: Vanity Fair, August 2013 /// Elle, June 2013 

Kerry Washington landed FOUR major magazine covers! \o/ (Who can forget The Hollywood Reporter, June 7, 2013 cover?) #WERK

This is such a well-deserved moment for Kerry Washington! I’m eagerly anticipating her NEXT newsstand moment!

What do you predict will be her next major cover feature?