Scandal Moments

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New City TV Toronto Promo Teaser for #Scandal307 featuring OPA.



  • Abby to Olivia (as she enters OPA with Harrison and Quinn): What is all of this?
  • Olivia Pope to OPA: “We have a new client.” (She places a photo of her mom, Maya Lewis, on the OPA Gladiator Wall.) “My Mother.”

#ScandalRewind - Gladiator Wall

Great Gladiator Wall moments in Scandal Season 2:

  • David Rosen’s Beautiful Mind-inspired wall for the Defiance County Explosion (Remember the #WhoisQuinnPerkins era?)
  • Becky’s OPA/Plot to shot Fitz wall (Blown Away)
  • Cyrus’s Fixer Wall for Sarah Stanner (Top of the Hour)
  • OPA’s Reston Wall during then Governor Grant’s POTUS campaign (A Criminal, A Whore, An Idiot and A Liar)
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#Scandal “Nobody Likes Babies” Gladiator Wall.

This is the precise moment Olivia knew who ordered the hit on Fitz. Facing the Gladiator Wall loaded with #WhoShotFitz facts, Olivia took all of that in and decoded all the facts and figured it all out - VERNA THORNTON. 

The very woman Fitz knew from birth was the one that ordered the hit and all Olivia needed to know was why. 

I’m going to say that Harrison caught the wheels turning in his fearless leader’s head too. While Abby and Quinn are gladiating (yup I just made that word up) their evidence stack, Olivia had already figured it out. Notice how Harrison was the only one that caught the sudden change in Olivia when she knew.

In this precise moment, Olivia knew that Hollis didn’t hire Becky to shot Fitz just like he said he did. (Hollis’ honest reaction to not knowing about the second cell phone was part of what pieced it all together.)

That was one of her many great #GAMECHANGER moments from last night. It was a great Scandal moment.

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