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Yeah, that casting can work. Khandi Alexander has a gaze that can cut you in half. 

Oh yes she looks like Olivia’s mother… Oh yeah this will work!!!

I know the casting directors at Shondaland are masters so I can’t wait to see what she does with the material, I’m sure she’ll blow it outta the water plus she really does resemble Kerry which I really like.

I’m excited about it.   And Khandi is a great actress.

She really is. I know people were looking forward to having someone else play Maya, but the casting thus far has been exceptional (with a 0.1% failure rate). We’ll get a chance to see what she brings to the table on Thursday.

I also think her and Joe Morton on screen will be to die for.  Seriously.   

Oh I’m with you on that one. Khandi plays no nonsense well.


From The Atlantic:

ABC’s hit Scandal lives up to its name. It’s the kind of show that (spoilers ahead) introduces, blows through, and wraps up a presidential-assassination plot in the space of a few episodes. The premise itself is crazy: Kerry Washington stars as D.C. crisis management and PR impresario Olivia Pope, who “fixes” the problems of political bigwigs and big business while also carrying out a tempestuous affair with the President of the United States.

Implausible, made-for-TV fiction? Absolutely. But in some ways, it’s surprisingly true to reality. The show is based on the life and work of Judy Smith, a crisis manager who worked for the White House during George H.W. Bush’s presidency and whose clients have included Monica Lewinsky and Michael Vick. While the D.C. crisis managers I spoke with say they would never proffer potential clients with the same kind of wizardry Olivia does, they do say the show gets something right: how the Internet shapes scandals.

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Kerry Washington Talks Upcoming 'Scandal' Episodes & the Fashion!


Kerry Washington dishes on upcoming Scandal episodes

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington phoned in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to chat about ABC’s hit show Scandal and revealed not only things will get even more complicated on the Shonda Rhimes created show but even Kerry herself wants to steal Olivia Pope’s clothes!

As for the upcoming episodes, Kerry revealed the writers aren’t holding back. After viewers were left with Olivia meeting a potential guy played by Scott Foley and left only to find he’s stalking her, Kerry leaves us with questions revealing, “wait till you see how that unfolds, it’s a little bit nuts.”

What else is nuts is Kerry’s character’s style on the show!

Even Kerry admits she’d love to steal an item or two from Olivia Pope’s closet. So has the actress ever indulged?

Kerry shares: “The fashion on the show is insane. [But,] no I don’t get to take any of it home because god willing we will have lots and lots of seasons so everything has to live in Olivia Pope’s closet.”

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