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#Scandal “Hi, Hello, Mr. President” Olivia & Fitz Analysis

Gladiators I think we all can agree that Fitz has a way with words. What other man can say the words “Hi” and “Hello” with so much meaning? What other male TV character can make “Hi” trending on Twitter?


One thing we’ve all have learned about the Scandal world is that things comes full circle.


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I didn’t really have a chance to comment on this discussion between Cyrus and Olivia because I wanted to digest it a little bit.  But now it is on and popping.

This line keeps coming up for two reasons:

1) It is to establish Olivia’s own moral code and how far she bent it in order to rig the election.  She believes in We the People.  She believes it whole heartedly.   Cyrus uses that line to manipulate Olivia to his way of thinking (Cyrus is his own kind of devil) and Olivia takes that line back to establish that she she is trying to get back the white hat she lost a long time ago.  Her forceful defense of the American people is her coming back to who she was and her own truth and moral compass.   It is to show she has drawn back onto the right side of the line.

2) It is to draw her back to Fitz’s point of view on things.   That constitution scene where he tells her that “We The People.  That is everything.”  shows their commonality on that assessment.  Draws back to her love for him because he believes it with his whole heart.  Her quoting that line back to Cyrus and its importance was almost like her going back to her touchstone for her love for this man.  She touches the constitution with this man who tells her it is everything.  She says she loves him for the first time in front of that document.  They promise each other they are in it together in front of this document.  Her standing up to Cyrus is not only her reinforcing her own code of belief but also keep a promise she made long ago with Fitz over the very document she quotes to Cyrus.

So it isn’t just a scene about her talking about her beliefs and reestablishing her own moral code.   It is also about a night in front of the Constitution where she made promises with the man she loves.   

Nice.  lol

#GladiatorOvation for writing this spot-on analysis on what “We The People” means to Olivia, Cyrus and Fitz, MiltonSong!



Secret Service Agent Tom Type: You are ride or die, no holds bar, rock with Olitz through EVERY and ANYTHING! Hardcore shipper right here.  

Huck Type: Anyone that needs to be put in their place for insulting Olitz will be dealt with. #ItsHandled #HuckStyle

Harrison Type: Ask no questions, need no explanations, ride or die for Olitz. 

Abby Type: You want Olivia and Fitz to be happy but you question whether that happiness can come true. 

Quinn Type: The “almost rape” elevator scene, when Fitz engaged in Big Dick Conversation for the #TreeGate episode, right now at the Birth scene—this Olitz fan asks for receipts on receipts of whether they truly love each other/should be together and is ever ready to jump off of the Olitz fan boat. 

#GladiatorOvation for writing this!!! Olivia & Fitz fans, where you are on this #Olitz Fans tier?

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