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#SevenFiftyTwo Recap - Harrison Wright KNOWS!

The way Harrison Wright got clued into the Olitz factor was nicely done. Harrison uses what he uses best - his talk - to go beyond the wall of Fitz’s SSA men…and it didn’t work even when he bought up his constitutional rights. And the fact it didn’t work let Harrison know….

This is the grassy knoll stuff that Harrison told Quinn and Abby about that Olivia’s involved in. Look at Harrison’s face. Was this the first time he didn’t win someone over with his talk? Maybe I’m reading too much into it but it ALSO looks like Harrison was connecting all the dots right then and there.  Also I’m not here for Snitching Hal out of all people to try to shut down Harrison.


This scene connects with what he told Olivia and what he told Huck. Hal not letting him said a whole lot to him. There was parallels upon parallels with Harrison knowing about Olitz. I can see Harrison connecting the dots way back to this moment here from Spies Like Us: “Don’t insult me. I’m not your Job. I’m your family. I’m your Gladiator!”


“Things are getting weird in this office.”

“It’s getting weird in here.”

“What do you NEED?”

“Tell me what you need and I’ll do it no matter what.

And I can see him going back to this moment in One For The Dog:

Harrison: We’re out of our depth. Liv runs with the big dogs. You know, I’m starting to think -

Abby: What?

Harrison: Liv worked for the White House. The President was shot. Huck is in jail for doing it. One of the richest man in the country - Hollis Doyle - might be behind it. This is next level stuff. This is grassy knoll stuff.

There’s a lot other layer D.C. you know where real politics happen and decisions are made not about democracy or the flag but power.  Things that go bump in the night. Stuff regular Americans never hear about.

This is the real deal! We don’t question Liv on this. 

With all these dots together plus the fact that Olivia sat with Harrison for hours inside his jail cell, I can see why Harrison is so loyal to Olivia especially when he said this to her it was none of his business in Seven Fifty Two:

Harrison: You don’t know what 752 happens to mean by any chance.

Olivia: No clue why?

It’s something Huck keeps saying over and over.

Keep everyone talking to him, even if he can’t talk back. He needs that. He needs us.

Will do. Liv….I…ugh…was there tonight, at the hospital. I saw the guy. The guy who got Huck. The guy who got you. He was there too.

Don’t worry about me. I’m safe.

I know…I saw the secret service.


It’s none of my business…Just get back here as soon as you can.

I will.


I loved what Harrison said to Huck. He sees himself as a talker. Harrison’s confessional with Huck:

I’m a talker. It’s what I do, I talk. Since I was a kid, I could talk myself in or out of anything: bedtime, homework, curfew. It’s how I sold cars, sailed through law school, how I got clients and get girls. Hell, it almost landed me in jail if it wasn’t for Liv, but you’re not a talker. You’re action man so I can only imagine what you’ve seen, what you’ve done, what you’ve had done to you and have to imagine because you’re not just a man of few words but the fewest words possible so I fill in the blanks, we all do. So I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how to get through to you, me, the man who talks. Some of that is on you for always being so closed up but way more, it’s on me because all my talk and all that game seems like kid stuff compared to who you are, what you’ve been. Like I’ve spent my whole life: trying to get out of homework while you live life of a warrior, of a man. A real-deal gladiator. So I have no idea what to say here… because you make me realize pretty much every day and especially right now…that all I’ve ever been, all I am, all I’ve ever been, was talk. So I’ll just sit here, and I won’t run my mouth with a lot of noise that’s not worthy. So you be as full-on crazy as you want for as long as you need, and I’m gonna be here, right here with you.

Yeah, we got time.


Harrison knowing still didn’t faze him much nor did it made him any less loyal to Olivia Pope…and that’s precisely why I’m team Harrison. (GIF H/T: spectaclesinscript.


Fitz saying “Hi”

How ONE word can say a million and plus things with SUCH emotion?! This is hands down why Tony Goldwyn deserves AWARDS upon AWARDS for his portrayal as Fitz. That first “Hi” from season 1 will always be a memorable Scandal moment! I’m ready for the fourth hi before this season wraps!


Langston: Whatever the motive behind this brutal attack, I pray that we might find comfort in Psalm 27: the Lord protects me from all dangers; I will never be afraid. And we will not be afraid. This country is strong, and all those who seek to harm our leadership or our fellow citizens should remember that at the foundation of America is a resolve for justice, and we will get justice for these sad events. Thank you, and God bless America.

Scandal Analysis: “My Money’s Worth.”

“And because we let that snake Hollis play in our garden for so long, we can’t turn him into the Feds or turn him over to the cops or to the courts and wait for justice to be served because we have to protect Fitz. We have to protect secrets. We all got in bed with the devil together and nobody wants to go Federal prison so I wrote a letter and I signed it. I broke the law, I broke the Constitution,  and I would do it again.” Mellie Grant

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