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" [On the show] lot of the male actors are not that tall except for Tony Goldwyn who is giant."

Kerry Washington shares her joyful thoughts to THR on her AMAZING fashion stylist, Erin Walsh: "We Were Fashion Twins Separated at Birth." Erin Walsh made The Hollywood Reporter’s Hollywood 25 Most Powerful Stylists list!

Since last spring, Erin and Kerry have collaborated to create special fashion moments on the red carpet. It’s great to see that it’s a team effort and they get along so well. KW’s red carpet swag is like no other!

How the dynamic duo met:

New York City-based stylist Erin Walsh got her start assisting Vogue editor Phyliss Posnick. She was introduced to Django Unchained star Kerry Washington last spring by Elle fashion director Samira Nasr

Erin Walsh on her top Kerry Washington look:

“The pony dress!” says Walsh, referring to the theatrical white horse-patterned Giles gown that Washington wore to Django’s London premiere. “It was Django-inspired,” says Washington. “We always ask ourselves whether something’s a fashion moment — and we definitely like to think outside the box.” Other major style moments included the actress’ pink-and-aqua Oscar de la Renta with a rise-and-fall hemline at the NAACP Image Awards and her Oscar stunner: a custom coral-red Miu Miu gown with a heavy dose of Swarovski crystals.

Kerry Washington on working with Erin Walsh:

"We’re very collaborative. I feel like we were fashion twins separated at birth. We come up with stories for a particular season or a particular press tour."

Erin Walsh on working with Kerry Washington:

Walsh says that story is told with their choices.

"In terms of narrative — that goes into silhouette, texture, cut — making distinctions and having each moment," she says. "We use that word a lot: ‘moment.’ "

Adds Washington, “Is it a fashion ‘moment’ or not?”

Kerry on the gorgeous Giles gown she wore to the Django Unchained London premiere:

This huge, gorgeous gown with these horses that I wore for the London premiere of Django [Unchained],” Washington says. “Because the movie is all about Jamie [Foxx] saving me on these white horses, it seemed perfect in every way.”’

Watch their interview over at THR. Read more about Kerry Washington and Erin Walsh’s red carpet moments over at The Hollywood Reporter.

Bellamy Young Shares #Scandal Spoiler Scoop on Mellie Grant’s J. Mendel Dress!

Bellamy Young shared with HuffPostLive that the custom-made J.Mendel dress that she wore at the 44th NAACP Image Awards was actually for a scene she had on Scandal.


The scene in question was cut for a chemistry issue BUT it will air at a later time according to Bellamy! Lyn Paolo, Scandal’s amazing costume designer, thought the dress was beautifully perfect for the Image Awards!


Let’s look at this dress! It’s haute couture fashion. It’s definitely for a HUGE red carpet presidential event. 

Hmm…What big Scandal event do you know of that’s coming up? Here’s a hint: There’s this promo photo of Olivia with her new client Peter Cadwell at a big event.


So does this event calls for Mellie’s J.  Mendel dress??! Time will only tell! 

Sound Off Gladiators!!

I’m not surprised at all….



Bellamy Young (about NAACP Image Awards during her interview on HuffPost Live) : Tony Goldwyn walked through the room and it literally was like people were Beatles fainting behind him. I mean truly they were falling out. It was awesome

Of course people were fainting….look at it….


I’m not sure how he manages to walk around town without an ambulance car following him around to pick up the casualties.


Damn straight! LIKE A BOSS!!