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Parallels: 202 | 301

This is a powerful parallel.  It’s bargaining with the other women, Ana and Mellie. In 2.02 Olivia is bargaining with Ana for her silence. She’s doing her job to keep Drake’s image clean and untarnished as much as possible. They can’t have the other woman airing out all the dirty laundry. In 3.01, she’s doing the same with Mellie in a sense. She’s doing with she can to save FItz’s image so he can come out looking somewhat clean.She’s bargaining with the other woman to ensure all their dirty laundry isn’t aired.

The juxtaposition is that Olivia can relate to Ana’s longing  and wanting more than secrets. She would have rather been the one to return to the Residence with Fitz after attending 4 Inaugural balls. She would have rather been by his side to hear him utter her name as his possible last words. 

She’s the wife of his heart, but the other woman in every other sense. Because of that all she can do is ask “how many times?”

#ScandalDecoding Fun - (Season 2) Episodes 201 thru 203

Scandal episode 208, Happy Birthday Mr President marks the first time I did my decoding/speculation blog features.*  (Speculation fun certainly helps to make the anticipation for #ScandalThursday durable, right?!)

I thought I’ll re-visit it for season 2 episodes 201 through episode 203, White Hat’s Off, The Other Woman, and Hunting Season. The on set photos tweeted by Merri Howard (@merrieats) last Summer made this post a fun reality! Happy Reading! (Besides what must we do until 10.3.13, right?)

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