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#Scandal, Sneak Peek #1:  It’s a Tie

In the first Sneak Peek, we’ve never seen Fitz like this before.  He never wears his jacket without a tie.  So I’m curious to know the context of the clothes?  Because Fitz never wears his lapel flag-pin without a tie.

IMO, the series has used Fitz’s tie to send subtle messages about his personal relationships.  In Season 1, Episode 2, we saw Cyrus Beene helping Fitz put on his tie.  In Season 2, Episode 21, Fitz was re-asserting his independence and puts on his tie with no help.

So what does “No Tie” mean?  Is he symbolically all alone?  Is he out of sorts because Olitz broke up?  I say it’s all of the above.


Solid observation, Watch Color TV. Who can forget all the moments with Fitz’s tie from the past two seasons?! I thought back to the tie moment from “The Trail” too…

Scandal Analysis: Fitz & his Tie    What I admire about this new Fitz is how confident he is now. I also love that he’s doing things HIS way and especially on HIS terms. It’s his rules, his world and Olivia Pope exist in it.  I love how Fitz did his tie in the morning at Olivia’s apartment. It’s a good nod to the times Cyrus, Mellie and Olivia all helped him put on his tie.  So long story Fitz putting on his tie by himself was a very significant power move. It’s his world, his rules.  What I also enjoy that as he’s fixing his tie, he’s listening to Olivia and looking at her as she spoke. It echoes when Olivia put on his tie back in “The Trail.” It tells me how much that they are truly in this together. Fitz’s not letting ANYONE persuade him away from his endgame: him and Olivia together as a team.  First Row:  Cyrus & Fitz in “Dirty Little Secrets.” (They’re discussing his SCOTUS nominee pick, Olivia Pope and Amanda Tanner)  Fitz & Olivia in “The Trail” (Olivia switches his tie for something more appropriate for his TV interview. Olivia tells him he had to earn her vote.)  Second Row:  Fitz & Mellie in “Boom Goes The Dynamite” (Fitz is getting ready for the Caldewell fundraiser and the media’s eating up the hostage situation as Mellie adjusts his tie.)  Fitz & Olivia in “Any Questions” (It’s the morning of post-Olitz bliss and Fitz is seen putting on his tie by himself. This is take-charge Fitz. He later on tells Olivia to stand down that he’ll handle it.)   Hats off to Lyn Paolo (Scandal’s amazing costume designer) and Scandal writers for this solid continuity bit!

Fitz is always Presidential - in his suit and tie except when he’s at Camp David. “So what does “No Tie” mean?  Is he symbolically all alone?” I’m afraid so…


and I enjoyed the fact that the continuity with his tie continues on in season 3. Hats off to Lyn Paolo!

Maybe it’s more of a sign that he has decided to be more responsible for himself than it is about him being alone. Cy, Mellie and Olivia have all been helping him with his ties and such for such a long time, treating him like a child, like he has be taken care of, like he’s incapable of doing for himself. Maybe, just maybe the “no tie” thing is symbolic of him deciding to take care of himself. Maybe he is done with people handling him. This has always been a weakness of Fitz to me…that he seems a little too dependent on others. Cy, Mellie and Olivia are all take charge kind of people and they will walk all over you if you let them.

Maybe it’s more of a sign that he has decided to be more responsible for himself than it is about him being alone. <- Good point! And that’s something I hope to see happen with Fitz this season. Let’s see what happens!