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You must really hate me for falling in love with you.”

—Fitz 2x04

“I hate you.”

“I know.”

—Fitz and Olivia 2x19

Lawd, these two need couples therapy. lol

And the “I hate you” on the phone in 2x02. These two are the king and queen of double-speak.

Miltonn Song once again you are on IT! This is a beautiful Olitz parallel!

This scene just ruined me. Huck got got AGAIN?! This made me love #HuckleberryQuinn even more. Brilliant performance by Katie Lowes and Guillermo Diaz. Golden Globes/Emmy is duly needed! Mo, this gif set is AMAZING!


Not to throw a monkey wrench into some of the theories that we’ve been considering, but going with what we see in the top two screen caps, it is safe to say that Charlie is indeed the one who hit Huck over the head. Same pants and coat. Given this information, it doesn’t explain why Charlie was at the facility an hour before Huck got there. He couldn’t have known that Huck and Quinn would show up. So why was Charlie there?

As far as Jake being the person in Olivia’s apartment in the second to last cap, I don’t believe that it is him. This person is much smaller and their clothes, while somewhat similar, aren’t exactly the same. The zipper on Jake’s coat wasn’t as obvious (when you look at other shots from “Top of the Hour.”) as that of the intruder’s.

I’m not sure if we were meant to extrapolate something, if anything from the below screen cap, but I’d think that the Gladiators would have noticed the secondary man at the bottom. Why assume that the top guy (Charlie) hit Huck and not the other person? Is this person even related to the situation or just the renter of the storage unit?

Could this person be Jake collecting his bag of tricks from a rented unit and Charlie trailed him there? Could Huck had gone to the same unit just after Jake left only to be ambushed by Charlie who was looking to discover what Jake had in the unit? That would be a waste of time to hit Huck over the head and lock him in the box before resuming his tailing of Jake. But with Charlie, one never knows.

Who then is the guy in Olivia’s apartment? I suppose it still could be Jake, but to what end? Why record yourself walking around Olivia’s apartment with a gun drawn? He had no idea that she was coming over, so to have recorded the footage and have the video queued up in the event that she should turn on his Wall of Weird makes no sense. I think this was the person Jake either hired or his boss hired to take care of their Olivia Pope problem. Jake was packing up his bag of goodies and arming himself to go over to her place to save her from the bad guy and and play “hero.” He’d score major points with both Olivia AND Fitz by playing protector. One doesn’t load a magazine into their gun and tuck it into the back waistband of their pants if they are just returning from clobbering someone over the head. Jake was preparing to head out. To where is anyone’s guess.

This last paragraph is probably a bit contradictory to what I theorize above about Jake getting his stuff from a storage unit. Why return to his place to prep and only to then head back out?

This is amazing! Speculation fun is amazing! Thanks for highlighting the Charlie-Jake-Huck-Pope Feed happenings! This photo breakdown just supports my theories - Charlie was on Jake Watch, Huck got got, Jake recorded himself earlier to make Olivia believe his deception and lastly Olivia’s in danger!

I sincerely believe that the masked man is Jake Ballard who recorded himself on either Sweep Day or sometime earlier than that. He is the ONLY one with access with Olivia Pope’s apartment at any time. (Security at Olivia’s place is rough, isn’t it?) And plus he owns a mask that I must point out that he wore for when he hit that photographer.

All I do know is that we are going to get a smoking hot flashback on what  really happened to Huck and who put him in that box AND we’re going to get a flashback on who the masked guy is in Olivia’s apartment. (Remember how we found out how Becky was the one that shot Fitz? I can see the same pattern happening here for this whole situation in the upcoming final 4 episodes!)

Just because Jake showed Olivia the Pope Feed footage of someone in her apartment THEN does NOT mean it happened then and there. It was pre-recorded to get her to believe HIS deception.

The empty box at the storage unit just proved to me that someone in the Mole Committee is aware of Huck being onto them and who knows that OPA knows that Osbourne wasn’t the mole - JAKE BALLARD! We know this for sure but we have yet to see/hear Charlie mention anything in regards to the Mole situation to Cyrus.

The pieces of this puzzle is going to add up and fall into place in the upcoming four episodes for sure!

#Scandal Analysis: Hope for Team OFC in “Molly, You in Danger, Girl”

There were SEVERAL distinctive things that happened in “Molly, You in Danger, Girl” that gave me hope for a Team OFC reunion.

One – there’s a GREAT Olivia and Cyrus photo memento on her OPA desktop. Usually there are GREAT memorable photos of Olitz from back in the day (#WhereisFitz) but there’s a photo moment of her and Cyrus out on the campaign trail. Hats off to the amazing Scandal Set Design team on that!

I also lost count how many times she watch for Fitz especially when she was on the phone with Jake….

Two – There was plenty of Team OFC double talk going on. The ones that stuck out the most to me is Olivia quoting a Fitz line, “That’s petty, ridiculous and insulting” to Cyrus when she told him that Obsourne wasn’t the mole. Remember WHEN Fitz said something like that? It was for the classic Rose Garden scene.


Three – Fitz like Olivia would noticed later on in the episode noticed that Cyrus is not his usual self and he takes off the POTUS hat and become that person for him. Here’s what Fitz said to Cyrus that gave me hope for a Team OFC Reunion - “You’re still camped out at the Masland?” “The Hotel, Cy. Has your husband let you come back home yet?” “I’m The President. I know all things.” Cyrus: I’m fine sir. You don’t have to concern yourself with my love life.” Fitz: “But you do love him.” Cyrus: “Of course.” Fitz: “Don’t give up on him if you love him. Don’t give up. Just…don’t give up.” (Fitz wasn’t only talking about Cyrus and James but himself and Olivia.) This conversation gave me hope for Jamus, Olitz and OFC!

Four - Fitz lets Cyrus back in into his corner by telling him that he killed Verna Thornton. This of course ties in with point #3. All I took from this moment was him saying Will she forgive me if she knew? Did anyone catch how he inhaled before he dropped that truth bomb? Did anyone catch that moment of silence after he said that to Cyrus?

Look at what Cyrus had to say about this…

“There are things…We don’t tell them. Things we never tell them. Things we bury. Things we hide.  That’s the job.  You did something…sir. It doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be happy.” Am I the only one that took this as something Cyrus was also referring to himself and James? This is what it’s all about right? This applies to what Defiance did to Cyrus & James, Olivia & Fitz, and Team OFC. You gotta love Scandal double talk.

Five - “Hi” No explanation needed!

I could go on and on about moments that gave me hope for a Team OFC reunion from “Molly, You in Danger, Girl” but I think you get the point. It was great, wasn’t it? What say you? Sound off Gladiators!