Scandal Moments

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[season 2 deleted scene] Olivia speaking the cameras & being sarcastic about her night with Jake. I don’t know about the sound but I hope it is ok.

Girl, I love you right now! Thanks for this!!

Ohhhh shit!! THAT was what Charlie saw?! Wowsers. Yep. He got all the evidence he needed alright. That was funny as hell. LOL!!! I can see why it was excluded. 

So she came home and changed before heading to OPA. I assumed as much.




Jake + Olivia + Fitz[season 2 deleted scene] (by CollegeGirlKEY)

Olivia throwing attitude all over the place. Questions upon questions, none of them answered. That door slam! “My personal life is none of the President’s business.” Oh, Liv. LOL!

I wish this wasn’t deleted either. Damn. It just flows with that follow up scene where Fitz brought her the clothes that the nurse gave him for her to wear home. I forgot that she didn’t have her clothes because she was….in Jake’s shirt. ……..

The bonus features on this DVD is truly the gift that keeps on giving. #DontStopGetitGetIt #BestFauxScandalThursdayEver