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BuzzFeed: The 43 Most Badass TV Heroines - Olivia Pope’s #35!

35. Olivia Pope, Scandal

Not just relationships, but a general rule from now on in my life.

Played by Kerry Washington, Olivia is a high-powered political problem solver with the weight of the country on her shoulders and a team of gladiators behind her. She’s complicated and flawed — in other words, human — but still strong, confident, and decisive. She’s also got killer style.

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Tony Goldwyn WILL direct this season as confirmed by Scandal’s executive producer Tom Verica. #OhHappyDay #GladiatorsREJOICE

This upcoming episode will be Tony’s second time directing. Last season, Tony directed episode 2x20, A Woman Scorned. (See Tony directing last season in the photo gallery.)

Season 3 resumes on Thursday February 27th! 


So much confusion about this, obviously the tie is not from 2x20 / 2x21

But the tie is ALSO different than the one from 1x06 so yes, Fitz visited Olivia more times than when we thought we knew. Besides it was already morning when he left in 1x06 and the scene from 3x01 is clearly at night!

Gladiators, check out this Season 2 BTS photo from episode 220 “A Woman Scorned” featuring Kerry Washington and director Tony Goldwyn by the pool. (Remember Olivia Pope’s opening scene in the pool from 220?) Photo H/T: Andrew Lemon

Episode 303 production has Kerry Washington pulling in a late night shooting with director Allison Liddi-Brown. 



2.14 || 2.20

Fitz can be such an asshole sometimes.  Lawd, knows he can.  That first gif is heartbreaking because he’s breaking Olivia’s heart so badly and he knows it.   Olivia is quiet but her heartbreaks just as bad as his does.  The way she tightens her jaw and lowers her eyes in that first gif.  And that comes back later in the hospital when she finally admits that he hurt her.  That he hurt her badly with his words.  Words he didn’t even mean.


Contrast with the second gif where he tries to make up for the words he said in anger and hurt.   He wants to assure her that she is one of the only things he wants in the world.   That she makes his life make sense.  She had once asked him what he wanted before in a debate prep and he couldn’t answer her.  But here?  In the second gif?

He knows the totality of his existence is for her and her alone.  

No wonder that scares the crap out of her.   No wonder she runs.   Because she, in her ways, feels that same impulse about him and it terrifies her.  It baffles her. It confounds her.

Falling and being in love is terrifying.  Even couples who are comfortable have moments where their insecurities rise up and bite them because they are scared that they are unworthy of the love they receive.  Of being someone light.   Fear drives Fitz in the first gif and fear drives Olivia in the second gif.

It’s not anger, or obsession, or even distrust that drives the other away when it comes to these points.

It is fear.   It is fear of a love greater than each other preservation for themselves.   It is the fear that they are unworthy of that love that drives them.  

These two idiots. 

It’s because it’s the one thing these two people, who are responsible for setting order to chaos, cannot control. The intensity of the love they have for each other rules them, even when wish it not to be true.  

Nicely done, Milt. Missed you :).

#GladiatorCommentary is golden! \o/ #PRAISE