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Just me in my hopeful fantasies


but if Rowan does die, I hope the show gives Fitz the opportunity to support Olivia like Olivia supported him when his father passed.  It would be a nice moment of symmetry for them, especially since both would happen before the election.

Oh, dreams.  lol



The possibilities, sigh! \o/ GIF  H/T: hearts above the lie





Check out this new CityTV #Scandal303: “Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington” promo trailer, Gladiators! (Thanks Stephanie!) There’s some new footage in this promo trailer with Huck, Cyrus, and Rowan!

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Holy fuck!! Shit just got real.

Their promos are so much better than the American version.  lol

And if Fitz can’t see Olivia the reason will be he’s stuck in the bunker.  Sucks.

I just had the same thought! Lawd…that man is not going to be settled until he hears from her directly that she’s okay. Looks like that Providence key could have come in handy here. Foreshadowing in 301.

Great point, Specs. That “I Can’t Get You”/Providence Key moment in the bunker definitely set things up for #303. 

(H/T: kronosinasuit for the gif)

Is it Thursday yet? LOL!

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