Scandal Moments

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I’m not anything like him.

And you see the heartbreak in Olivia.   And how offended she is (though Olivia is more like Eli than Maya, though she does have a great deal of both of them in her). 

To be a disappointment to someone you see as a god and have dedicated your life in her memory. Especially a mother.  Nothing worse in the world.  Nothing worse in the world.

Yeah, it’s so awful that this is the first conversation with her daughter and she seems to root out and pick on her worst insecurities. 

Ugh, Olivia’s parents are the worst. 

She cut her deeply.  And Olivia doesn’t have that shield she grew with Rowan to protect her from it.    She basically is calling her a monster to her face in a way and Olivia just crumbles a little.

And this is why she needed to hear from Fitz.   Because her parents were fucking her up in so many ways.  I do find it interesting that the two people she calls in this episode are the people she has named as most important in her life.   Fitz and Huck.

Oh Livvie.