Scandal Moments

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Andrew: What do you want, Olivia?

Olivia: Actually, I’m here to find out what you want. Do you want to screw Mellie Grant or do you want to be Vice President?

Andrew: I’m not even gonna to dignify that with a response—

Olivia: Two choices: Screw Mellie; Be V.P. One or the other. Either/Or. Because you can’t have both. I’m not going to allow you to have both. He’s not going to allow you to have both. So you can either cozy up to Mellie or you can cozy up to Fitz.

Choose Fitz, and I’ll protect you. I’ll keep you on the ticket. I’ll ensure your political future. Choose Mellie, and I’m sorry, Andrew, but I will have to use my considerable talents to tear you down brick by brick because the only way to do this, the only way to drop you from the ticket and be certain it doesn’t blow back on the President is to make sure that it’s not just Fitz chasing you out of town, but all of America. 

And while you might like living out the rest of your days teaching political science at a small, second-tier, liberal arts college, I don’t think Mellie will be by your side for it. She’s more of a “run with the big dogs” kind of woman. So you need to make a choice: do you want to be Vice President of the United State of America for the next four years? Or do want to screw Mellie Grant for the next month? Because that’s how long it’ll take for her to lose interest in you once I get done destroying you. 

Screw Mellie, be V.P. Your choice.

Andrew: Tell me something ‘cause I’ve always been curious. What’s it like?

Olivia: What?

Andrew: Being you. Cutting people’s throats and calling it politics? Appealing to the lowest, basest part of humanity; scraping the bottom of a person’s soul; carrying out these emotional assassinations?

Olivia: Governor—

Andrew: I’m in love with her! I love her. 

Olivia: [humorless chuckle] So choose Mellie. I wish you would. It would restore my faith in humanity. But if there is one thing I know, it’s that given the choice between power and love, men like you will always, always choose power.

Andrew: What did he do to you?

Olivia: 24 hours, Governor. If you haven’t ended things with Mellie, I’ll have to do my job. And life as you know it will be over.


Favorite scene: Olivia Pope &  Andrew Nichols

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