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Olitz Season 2 DVD Deleted scene H/T - loveniaimani


There were so many things I loved about this.  I love how Fitz was all professional and then how his pace got quicker in anticipation of knowing that Olivia was waiting for him.  Then how giddy both of them are when he spins her around and you can feel how happy she is for him and how grateful he is for her.  And that fucking kiss is to die for.

We was robbed in missing the entirety of this scene but we have seen the glory now.  Nice. 

Preach Milton

Can we just talk about that look that they gave each other before they kissed though?! I felt it in the back of my knees!

How Olivia’s face transformed from giddiness to intense in a split second. I can’t even deal right now. *presses play again*

Yep.  And at this point both of them are coming off of very emotional days.   Olivia had to go through with the rigging of the election and comforting Fitz through the death of his father.  Fitz had to go through his father basically calling him a loser before dying and all the doubts that came with it, including feeling unloved by his father.   And in that moment when giddiness turns to serious intent and love, you know Olivia had one thought in her head as she looked into his eyes.

That he was worth it.   That this moment of seeing the confidence and assurance in his eyes that doing what she did was worth it.  And that swelling of love.

This scene is deep on a lot of levels and I’m sad it didn’t make the broadcast because it is a good character moment for Olivia.





And here is the entire set of the Deleted Scene from 2x11, #Fitzsohappy

You doing this on purpose aren’t you!!! I have Clenched a little so MANY TIMES because of this!!


Don’t get me wrong, that kiss is EVERYTHING but…

Can we talk about how Olivia is waiting for him? Even after the hi she is looking at him with all the love and adoration in the world , hands clasped waiting to see what he is going to do?

Can we talk about how Fitz picks her up, this woman who has carried the weight of his campaign, her compliance to election rigging and her own conflicted emotions about the state of their relationship… the responsibility of caring for this man mind, body and soul…. BUT in this celebratory moment he, if but for a moment, carries her and relieves her of those burdens?

Can we talk about the fact that in this uplifted embrace he spins around shifting the time/space continuum as if almost to transport them into this world of otherness that is their love?

Can we talk about as the spin comes full circle, to ground themselves they find solace in each others necks. Burying themselves in this reality that they have created?

Can we talk about that moment of silence where eyes and hearts connect? That moment of transcendence that only comes from simultaneously being rooted yet carried away by true love? Can we talk about the intense intimacy of that moment?

AND THEN THEY KISS LIKE THE WORLD IS ENDING…..GAHHH these two made me come out of studying hiatus to deal with my feels.
Le Sigh….

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Fitz so happy

The closed eyes during the hug kill me.   He is holding her so tightly and there is a moment of vulnerability there.  But overall?  He is just so grateful to have her in his life.   He just won his dream job and he only wants to share this feeling with one person in his life.  The one person who made him better.

Just nothing but love for this scene.


Credit to this awesome gladiator for the gifs.

Can we have a moment to talk about this, though?

I want you to put yourself in Olivia Carolyn Pope’s highly fashionable heels for a moment. The man she loves is married. The man she loves has no knowledge of the fact she just rigged an election in his favor. The man she loves is married, a falsely elected President, and despite all of that-

Look at how much they love each other. It’s all across their faces. If I didn’t understand English, if I was deaf, I wouldn’t know why- but I’d know that they were happy and totally in stop-the-world-and-put-everything-on-hold love. In this moment, despite everything going on around them, despite the fact this is the moment Olivia Pope’s truly lost the ability to be with the man she loves in a relatively drama-free way, instead she sees his face and runs into his arms. Olivia rarely does this, don’t you understand? Entirely forgets the circumstances. She’s always fixing something, but in this moment it’s like there’s nothing broken, there’s nothing wrong in the world.

It’s just her, and Fitz, and they’re in love, and he’s just won, and he’s happy to the point that it’s infectious, she’s happy he’s happy. This is that moment that people think about when they look back on a relationship and think love, happy, peace. I sincerely hope each and every person who watches this deleted scene recognizes and identifies with the feeling, the mood of it. I hope everybody who reads this knows what this kind of moment feels like, and freaking Emmy’s to Kerry and Tony for playing this out so perfectly. I want this kind of love when I grow up.

That is all.