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Fitz and the Pin


This is been mentioned a couple of times but I find Fitz’s decision to continue wearing the flag pin Olivia gave him as really significant. I remember someone saying that the Eisenhower pin was like a wedding band for Fitz’s relationship with Olivia. It is what ties him to their relationship and reflects his (undying) love for her. It’s also worn on his left lapel…closest to his heart. I know that he still wears his wedding ring from his marriage to Mellie however it’s is worn for show, to deceive everyone into believing their marriage is real. Here are some post-Defiance reveal shots of Fitz wearing the Eisenhower pin:


2x13 Nobody Likes Babies


2x14 Whiskey Foxtrot Tango  


And the upcoming episode, 2x15 Boom Goes the Dynamite

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Great observation!

Decoding the #Scandal “Nobody Likes Babies” Olivia & Fitz Sneak Preview

Under the cut, Gladiators, you’ll see the LATEST official sneak preview from “Nobody Likes Babies” featuring Olivia and Fitz meeting in what looks like Cyrus Beene’s office at the White House discussing their relationship and the divorce. They are playing some serious tango in that room, don’t you agree? #ITJUSTGOTREAL

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Based off the spoiler video for A Criminal, a Whore, an Idiot and a Liar, is it safe to ask this question -

Has the Grant for President T-Shirt topped Fitz’s Navy Shirt/sweatshirt 


(gif: oliviaspope

Sound off Gladiators!

She also wore that shirt during their first official one minute in the hallway.  So it has a history of its own.

Both shirts have a story of their own. One can’t replace the other. Not unless we actually see Liv in the NAVY shirt.

Agreed! That’s the beauty of both shirts, though. I tip my hat off to Shonda Rhimes and Lyn Paolo. Even clothes and accessories has a way of having major significance.

Remember the Eisenhower 48 star flag pin Olivia gave Fitz on his Inauguration Day? (We all never looked at Fitz’s pin ever the same way again, didn’t we all Gladiators?)

Clothes just like the music played on Scandal has a beautiful way of adding much MORE depth to the story line.

I like what you two said. I also like this comment made by ScandalGladiators:

If I’m not mistaken, Liv was also wearing her “Grant for President” shirt during her and Fitz’s first “One Minute” moment in the hallway. I believe that each shirt symbolizes and represents them in a major way. I mean Fitz is the POTUS and therefore commander and chief of the U.S. armed services and from his bio we know that Fitz is a Navy veteran and former Naval Officer. And Liv’s shirt means so much in that the entire trajectory of her life was changed by becoming an integral part of the “Grant for President” campaign. These shirts are major symbols of them both.

UPDATE: Beautiful how clothes and a pin could mean so much to Olivia and Fitz. Even the Constitution symbolizes them.

image image

(gifs: oliviaspope

Here’s when Olivia first wore the Grant for President shirt from episode 1x06 - The Trail.


(gif: fairyfromhell)

Here’s when Olivia wears her Gladiator armor - her white jacket:


(gif: isitscary)


(gif:  juliannamargulies