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#Scandal314 Recaps - “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”

Scandal Season 3B Episode Titles

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Vermont is NOT only for Lovers, Too, But…

A Place where Fitz physically cemented his love for Olivia Pope in a home that he built for them and their future family. (His actions supported all that he had told her from day one.)

Might I add in one hour Vermont went from a dream to a promise?!

Vermont is home for them. It’s not a dream anymore for Fitz. (And Olivia - “Make Jam.”) It’s a promise.

#VermontGate Style

Can we kindly discuss the style in #VermontGate for a brief moment?

Right before Olivia destroys the #FitzPhone (after Fitz calls her), did anyone catch how his clothes changed? When we last saw him on the phone with Olivia, he was in a suit and tie.

Cut to Vermont, Fitz is himself - casual and laid back and not the leader of the free world. I liked that he told Olivia about the house HE built for them as himself and not as POTUS. 

I absolutely love Olivia’s houndstooth black and white Dior jacket. There are NO words! I love that her clothes reflects her current mood then. ”Why are we in the middle of nowhere?” However when Olivia turned around in THAT jacket though?! \o/ (I liked that she wore a solid color from head to toe right after #VermontGate!)

I especially enjoy that brief moment between them as Fitz button up Olivia’s top before she left to go to work. (It took me back to the times Olivia fix his tie from the campaign trail.)

Sound Off Gladiators!

Maya Lewis (#MamaPope), Olivia Pope & Popcorn

Anyone else caught that Maya Lewis bought up Olivia Pope’s favorite snack - popcorn - during her chat with Rowan tonight?

Anyone else caught that Maya said that Olivia doesn’t like sweets?

So this explains where Olivia picked up her popcorn habit from. I love that Maya introduced her to popcorn and her father Rowan/Eli/Command introduced her to good quality wine.

Sound Off Gladiators!

Observations about the Mama Pope & Olivia Pope Scene:

Can I say that enjoy this brief flashback moment between Maya Lewis and Olivia Pope? It’s like a typical morning (I assume) routine between mother and daughter. Olivia’s about to start her day. Maya’s on her way out to gladiate.

  • Style: Maya’s rocking the classic Pope White Jacket. Did anyone catch that style detail? Was this what inspired Olivia Pope’s White Jacket style? (We know WHO inspired the White Hat!)
  • Music: “Time” is a word that kept echoing off Olivia’s earphones.
  • 12 Year Old Olivia Pope: #Hi Olivia wore glasses! She loves Fruit Loops! She’s reading! I love how the song Olivia was listening to here echoed her scene later on with Fitz!
  • She didn’t say I love you back to her mom. But her action shows she loves her mom. (I’m trying to figure out if that is what Olivia wanted to know when she called her father about the last thing he said to Maya?)
  • White - the entire scene is clothed in WHITE!
  • All in all, it was a good scene. It’s our first look at Maya Lewis - #MamaPope.

Sound Off Gladiators!

Can we all just take a moment to reflect on THIS Olivia Pope moment?

  • First off, she’s wearing her Grant for President tee-shirt from her campaign fixer days.
  • Second off, she has a box! THE BOX! A box of her campaign moments with Fitz. (H/T to George @ScandalProps for the amazing photos & newspaper article!)
  • Third off, she’s happy!
  • And lastly with Fitz’s re-election campaign in full swing, this moment was full circle with this

and this

Look at how far they’ve come! I am ready for Fitz’s re-election campaign trail moments. Are you?

Olivia Pope’s Armani Jacket in New #Scandal306 Promo Teaser

Gladiators, Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope is wearing a stunning Armani jacket in the new #Scandal306 Promo Teaser as confirmed by Lyn Paolo.


UPDATE: Here’s a few HQ photos from the Icarus Photo Sneak Peek

Scandal Fashion Rundown

Prada tote, Movado watch, and Giorgio Armani Degrade Print Snap-Front Jacket.



imageHats off to Lyn Paolo. It’s a great look!



New #Scandal305 Promo Teaser from CityTV featuring Fitz & Rowan/Eli Pope/Command

Watch the clip here:


Fitz to Rowan: Who else has to die to protect the secret that no one on this planet is looking for?

Rowan: Someone is looking.

Who is looking and how did they know to look for it?

Why is there a need to protect this secret?

What is Fitz and Rowan’s roles in this secret? Does Jake know anything about it?

How does this secret affect Olivia? You know it has to affect Olivia somehow.

Are we really 5 days away from Thursday?



Can it be Thursday TOMORROW?! Seriously! \o/

"Someone is looking.” Rowan continues to be the Oz of the ScandalVerse. He sees and knows everything, right