Scandal Moments

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Late last night was a Tony Goldwyn photo bonanza on the set of Scandal season 3! 

Jeff Perry, Scandalous Beauty, Merri Howard and Brian Bletscher all shared fun, must-see photos of our beloved pretend POTUS on set! Look at Tony Goldwyn, just look at him!

Photo H/T: Jeff Perry (Cyrus), Scandalous Beauty, Merri Howard, & Matt Bletscher (SSA Tom). HUGE thanks to the cast & crew for sharing all these fun BTS photos with us, Summer Gladiators! 

  • @Bletscher - PRESIDENT GRANT: “Who is—is that…Springsteen?” TOM: “The Boss, sir! I mean, you’re the boss boss, but…” 
  • @ScandalMakeup - Late night makeup touchups in the Oval Office @tonygoldwyn after a long long day @jscandalp #itsatoughjob
  • @merrieats - Friday night on set @ScandalABC @tonygoldwyn wishing @jscandalp birthday wishes! 👏👍🎉🎁🎂
  • @jscandalp More faux potus action from the set.// Cyrus and Fitz startin the work day @tonygoldwyn